400watt hps cool tube

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by psuwrestler99, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm currently using a all cfl set up. 2 6400k 125watt cfls and 2 2700k 125watt cfls. Was thinking about getting a 400 watt hps in a cool tube. Would that be worth it? Are they good in the cool tube?
  2. I used to run a 200W cfl. Just finished a grow with a 400W HPS without a cool tube and my tent was running 10deg above ambient room temp. Definitely getting a cool tube for next time as I've heard that they are cool enough (with the right venting) to put your hand on. Should really help with the A/C bill...
  3. oh also forgot to mention that the 400W HPS completely blows away the harvest of my cfl grows.
  4. Ok cool. I use a 3ft x 3ft x 6.5 ft mylar grow tent. You think a 400watt hps in a cool tube would flower 4 plants well in this tent?
  5. Yea it should work fine! Makes alot of heat. I have a aircooled tube one but had to install ducting and inline fan system.
  6. I use the same size tent with a 400 watt cooltube. You will want to make or buy a batwing reflector to put over the cool tube in order to get good coverage. cooltubes just have real bad coverage compared to other air cooled reflectors. I used the reflector from an htg light and modified it to go on top of the tube and now the coverage is great. just an idea.

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