400w Yumbolt47 - 2nd Week Flowering - Check up

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    Hello again folks.

    A little over two months ago I stuck two baby Yumbolt 47 in a pair of BBs, threw a 400w HPS over'em, installed a screen and hoped for the best.

    I am now about two weeks into flowering. My canopy has gotten a little out of control for a scrog, as you can see. Should I start trimming fan leaves that have gotten in the way?

    I've still been LSTing, which you'll see in one of the pictures.

    Looking for any and all advice that helps me get these ladies under control!

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  2. i wouldn't trim, it will stunt growth(others will totally disagree)

    but you have a pretty serious problem, I'd look into tucking... just move lots of the fan leaves together and since your way past your screen use some twisty ties to hold the fan leaves together

    home depot sells a 50 foot roll of twisty ties for like 3 dollars
  3. Thaks Tih for the input! I've been doing a little tucking, but it didn't occur to me bind the fans together!

    Sounds like a FANTASTIC idea! I've let these ladies get way too out of control.
  4. just do so kinda loosely... you don't wanna crush them, just hold them together to kinda get them outa the way

    good luck, pics before and after
  5. Thanks for the GL : )

    Ended up getting home today with just enough time to top off the reservoirs before the light went off, so pictures of freshly trained ladies inc tomorrow!
  6. dont clip the water leaves maybe clip the lower ones as they will not produce much bud
  7. Hello again folks, got some new shots for ya!

    Took these this evening after working around with some tying and tucking for a few hours. By the time I was finished, I just barely managed to get the reses topped before the lights went out.

    I've still got a lot of work to do I can tell, but I did learn something today: this plant is pretty resilient, I think I only lost 1 fan during the entirety of my working.

    You should be able to tell the center has thinned out a lot, where I've taken Tih's advice and tied quite a few fans together. I also continued to tie some things down to the screen that I couldn't readily deal with any other way.

    I'm a terrible photographer, but the close-up in the 1st picture shows what most of the canopy looks like.

    Photo number two shows where I managed to open up a lot of room for the center auxiliary buds to get a lot more light.

    In the end, I'm rather pleased with todays work. I can tell there will be a lot less wasted light.

    Thanks again for the views and advice guys! I'll post some more shots after tomorrows clean up.

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  8. nice work man... hope you don't need more
  9. Everything seems fine after another small bit of training again today. I think every thing is finally under control : )

    I'll post an update in about a week, I mean, who doesn't love a little bud porn?

    Haha take care guys.

  10. Man nice ones! My last harvest was 2 yumbolt 47's in bubble buckets w/ a 400w. I just chopped down two plants the other day, world of seeds strain called "space".

    I think you'll be pretty happy with this stuff man. One bit of advice, I don't remember the breeder's flowering time, but I let mine go like 70 something days of 12/12 and they finished nicely, giving me just about 9oz.

    Trimming can stunt growth, but I did a bit of it because my situation was like yours. I think as long as there's no light hitting the ground, you'll probably be ok. Trim a bit if you start to fear mold or if humidity gets out of control.

    Best of luck with those man. Don't chop em early and you'll be very, very happy.
  11. Heya mrgoodsmoke,

    I had hoped to hear from someone with experience growing this strain! After I make this post, I'll go check out your stuff.

    The packaging said 8 weeks flowering iirc, and I'm about 3 weeks 1 day in so far. I really hope it's finished before day 70 though! It's been a long time since I've had any haha.

    Okay, time for some new pictures. I've been continuously training and tying. I've noticed a lot of smaller buds popping up now that they have some light.

    Inc bud porn!

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  12. Hey folks, I've found myself getting really into things the closer I come to harvest.

    I think I've gone through most of my last few surprises, so it's time to stop asking questions and start updating!

    These pictures incoming are the most recent, taken yesterday at the 5.5 week mark.

    Buds are starting to actually look like little buds! It's exciting to watch these girls grow.

    This is one from the smaller plant that I ended up inadvertently fimming. Got to say, I love the way it looks. Can't wait to slash this girl and make her a part of me foreva.

    This next one is from the larger of the two plants. It's quite lanky, but with 4 weeks left to go, I'm hoping she'll fill out a bit (can't say that about RL women! Ohh the irony).

    I've seen a lot of smaller auxiliary buds like this one, in the center of the canopy. It's been a real chore to keep all these fan leaves tied back/down/together so they can get light. I vegged for something like 2-2.5 months I think? Maybe that's why it's so out of control.

    And last, but not least, some gratuitous bud porn.

    See you next session.
  13. How did this grow finish up? How was the smoke? Hopefully your still active in the community, I'd like your input. I have a variety of seeds i ordered, one of which is #47. I've got a lot of couch lock strains ready to be germinated, but im worried im going to get tired of couch lock very quickly lol.

    Is this strain any different? was the high uplifting? invigorating? or is this just another indica dominant couch locker
  14. the buzz is because of trichs cloudy will have you busy and high all day even on indicas
  15. So it really comes down to getting my x30 magnifier and looking and the trich colors to determine pricisely the hour of chopping? I have 5 strains im looking at starting today, all are indica's with reported couch locking. I should have thought this through, i dont want to be a load everytime i smoke.

    I just polished off an ounce and a half of nice outdoor sativas, and honestly, its probably the reason i jumped on everything and decided to grow again.
  16. yep thats what all the hubb bubb is about check out the harvest forum for a more detailed discussion

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