400w vs. 600w for veg?

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  1. well finally got off my butt and wired a new circuit for the growspace(now dedicated) and I can finally put up my 1000w in the flowering room. Now that leaves me with the digital 600w ballast that I was using in the flowering room with nothing to do with it(except a back up). I was thinking of switching out the 400w mh I have in the veg room for the 600w digital...but they dont make the mh in 600w(why...who knows). I have a conversion bulb for it already(came with it), but not sure if its worth the time to switch it out.

    thx for any input
  2. I dont know the answer but would also be interested in hearing from someone who does- 400 MH vs 600 conversion MH.

    Also, anyone know why they do not have 600w MH?
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  4. well I already have the bulb, it came with the set up when I bought it(never used it before). I was wondering if there would be a difference between the growth in veg stage with the 600w conversion bulb, opposed to the 400w MH bulb? Anyone had any experience with the 2 bulbs?

  5. All you're going to really do with the 600W is allow for a larger grow area. It probably
    wont have a huge impact on your mother, vs the 400W that is. Unless maybe if you're
    growing some 6 foot monster of a mother plant. :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. ok that makes sense...my mothers are kept under t5's and get some light from the 400w that is over my vegging plants(2mo)...I just thought maybe it would get me better growth out of the vegging plants before being moved over to the flowering room, but if its not going to have any impact Ill just store it away and stick with the 400w.

    Although I dont plan on growing any 6' mothers...I have a few sativa's I want to try and would like to let them get as big as I can handle in the space.

    On a side note....man that 1000w light is BRIGHT. I cant wait to see the difference from the 600 on the next harvest, which just went into the flowering last week. So it gets to go most of the way under the new light.


  7. It's gonna be fantastic man! You built a great grow box too, so you're gonna be
    maximizing upon the available lumens nicely. Good work :)

    I grew a sativa on my last grow, it got out of hand.. I have a 6' grow space and I had
    to LST it half way through the grow. I just harvested it, got 2 and a half pounds WET
    off of it, im drying it all right now. We will see what the final weight is soon!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  8. thanks for the comments on my space...I really need to take some new pics of it since I have redone the veg area, cleared the floor space in the flowering room so I have more space than I really need but never know when Ill need it.

    Grats on the harvest man...sounds great, I hope for harvests like those. How long did you veg the sativa's before flowering? Right now I have a 6 WW(nirvana...waiting on mr nice's to come back in) going in veg and when the last batch of Nebula Im going to run for awhile is done the WW will be flowered. Im hoping for a decent yield on the WW, then I can do a run of kushberry and skunk#1 that I have mothers growing back out now.

    But all in all, Im looking forward to the next few harvests and Im liking what Im seeing with the 1000w'er.

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    Very sorry experimentalist but i think you are the one that is not getting it. The issue is 600w conversion vs. 400w regular MH. I believe the conversion bulbs are less eficient than the "native" bulbs, so am wondering if a 600w MH CONVERSION is much better than 400w MH (NOT conversion). FYI Lumatek digital ballast can run both MH and HPS so if you had a 400w ballast you could run a regular 400w MH bulb and then a regular 400w HPS but with 600w ballast must run conversion MH or regular HPS. 600w MH conversion puts out about 55,000 lumens and 600w HPS puts out about 90,000 lumens. So I am wondering if it is worth running the MH at all? I think will only run it for first couple weeks and then will switch to HPS for the extra lumens.
  10. I only vegged the sativa for 30 days. It took her about fifteen days to show sex. I
    flowered it for 158 days!! It would just NOT finish.. hairs all white, trichomes half milky
    half clear, until I threw a 26W UVB CFL bulb on it. Two weeks later, she was good to go!
    Trichomes were 70% milky 30% amber, roughly, and hairs colored right up.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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