400w Trainwreck and Bluewidow scrog

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  1. Day 24 Veg

    Hi. Here I am growing Greenhouses Trainwreck and Blue widow from Dinafem. (Both Feminized). They are 24 days into veg from when they broke the soil surface. they are currently under 125w blue cfl each and are doing very well. they are in 22 litre rectangular buckets as it fitted the space better and allows massive root space. :hello:ill be turning the mh on soon to see how temps run as its the first grow since i have made the cabinet. it has a 4 inch air inlet and a 4 inch carbon filter and exhaust fan. the ballast is outside on top of the cabinet. i have set out the screws to make a screen when the plants are big enough. ill start to train the plants soon more towards the back. they have been toped and wont be again. this is my first time doing a scrog so any advice is well appreciated. the screen is 10 inches above the pots. pretty baked so cant think of much else to say lol. here are some pics tho. the cabinet is 30 inches x 22 inches x 60 inches. the blue widow shows more indica charictaristics.​

    Photo 1: The Cabinet
    Photos 2,3,4: Trainreck
    Photos 5,6,7: Blue widow
    Last photo: trainwreck on left, blue widow on right

    Ant feedback very welcome. thanks for looking.​









  2. That's a nice set up you have there.
  3. Day 32 Veg
    Hi guys, just another smal update. still growing very well and getting very quick at growing too :) I have done some lst and have topped once too. ill let the plants grow up to where the screen will be and past a couple of inches. then ill fit the screen and switch the lights over to hps. still no nutes. plants would prob be about a foot tall. All pics the trainwreck is on the left and blue widow on the right.

    Does anyone think that i should chop off the bottom few sets of branches as these usually end up with smaller buds and fill my screen with mammoth buds? prob be an exra couple weeks veg but worth it????????

    any help or comments appreciated guys. cheers for lookin




  4. DAY 42 VEG

    Hi guys another quick update. 42 days in to veg now. i have 60 odd squares lol and have 16 budsites so far more coming through the screen very soon. i reckon another week to 10 days veg as i dont want to over crowd or have any mould issues. first scrog so can only learn from this and get timing better second time round. will make the switch at about 60% screen coverage. plants are growing well. the blue widow still shows more indica traits getting more side branching and the trainwreck just seems to do what it like haha. still only water being fed and ive started to clear the skinny branches and leaves from under the screen so not to have to stress them during flowering. again all comments appreciated. does anyone think i should switch now? agin the blue widow is on the right of the pics.




  5. DAY 50 Day 2 Flowering

    Just another update guys. now been two days since the big switch. screen is about 70% full now maybe a bit less. tons of budsides and alot more coming so fun times ahead with forward planning. i think its gonna get very busy about this screen. watch this space! The girls are growing well. still with no nutrients. as from the pics u can see i am clearing out under the screen but is nearly done. id love some feedback guys lol. happy growing GC.​
  6. sorry guys. forgot to add pics. here we go.





  7. Day 56 Day 8 flowering
    Well update time again. now just over a week into flowering and they are both starting to throw out their hair :hello: not noticed too much stretching although notably growing far quicker but a week in now so i will prob train for another 2 to 3 weeks and then let them stretch up. still no nutrients. contemplating biobizz as its organic and from what i have heard can achieve great things. bloom and topmax. i seem to be growing ontop of the screen as appose to under but i figure this will hold the weight better and allow me to move things far more easily. will learn for next time. also next time i will use 2.5" holes instead of 3 inch holes as im having to let them grow quite a bit before i can tie them and sometimes the branches feel too hard already to train. plants are very healthy. no signs of heat stress or any deficiencies yet. hopefully the thread will pick up soon and i can get some more feedback. has anyone grew these strains before that knows how much they stretch. i know the trainwreck has a good stretch but i dont think the blue widow will be as much. any comments well appreciated guys. thanks for lookin. :wave:



  8. haha im growing blue widow to
  9. Hey there :wave:

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.. I've been quite busy lately.. Your ladies are looking fantastic! I usually keep tying until they stop stretching.. I think Russy has grown out some trainwreck so he may know about the stretch.. Hope all is well.. I'll be following along.. :D

  10. 5005...how far along with ur grow are you? samson............great t have u aboard. hopefully i can produce some nice scrog like you have. is there a way to know when the stretch stops/slowsdown? by way of looking at cola tips or more down to experience. nearly two weeks into 12/12 now so i reckon ill train til week 3 and see how things progress. the ladies are throwing thier white hairs out everywhere now. im not expecting too much as its my first scrog but i think ill be surprised at how much bud is produced. about 45-60 budsites! o yeas! time will tell. ill post an update in the next couple of days.
  11. about 3 weeks into flowering
  12. 5005.....do u have any pics i can compare to? ill be two weeks tomorrow so will post some pics. have u been training and hows the strech been. mine has a more indica trait. darker leave and very short internodal spacing and purple tints to the stems.will get some bloom nutes as some leaves are starting to yellow on the trainwreck. so im thinking phosphorus deficiencty as its so early in flowering. ill ad some grow nutes fir nitrogn for good measure. the trainwreck doesnt seem to be budding so quick but is a indica sativa strain so will prob take a week or two longer? thanks again guys. happy growing.
  13. I usually notice after 3 weeks they slow down, but some strains can keep slowly growing until you get to harvest.. I think you are definitely going to be happily suprised! Can't wait to see them finish up!:hello::wave:

  14. thanks samson. ill get pics up soon. 21 days into flowering have stopped training a few days ago. i still have 8 inches of space so i think ill be ok with that and the stretch that has still to come. looking amazing. i waited til about 60 percent full and could prob have vegged a week longer. next time though haha.
  15. 24 Days Flowering

    hi again guys. sorry its been so long since i updated the pics but been very busy and im sure youll notice the difference. have been using bio bizz range through flowering now. still not at full strength however. the girls are getting really big now (they grow up sooooo fast......aw) the trainwreck looks to have slightly smaller buds but i think this is due to having more sativa than the blue widow. very very smelly at the moment and the blue widow u must say is more punjent and rank smelling. crystal production is coming along very nicely and is frosting the smaller leaflets on the bug fan leaves already :) nearly 4 weeks into flowering now so i think the blue widow will be another 4 or 5 weeks and the trainwreck i think will take a week longer again due to the sativa influence. here we go tho guys. the trainwreck is prodominantly on the left and the blue widow on the right. do they look about right for 3 1/2 weeks? leaves arent yellowing too much.....except for the leaves under the screen due to lack of light. cheers for looking in guys. enjoy the 'bud porn'........​





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