400W Plant to Light Distance

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  1. Ok so I have a 400W HPS with econocool reflector and its about a foot over my week old seedlings.

    The temperature at plant level is ~80F. I can touch the glass with the back of my hand indefinately and it will not burn my hand.

    Now is this still too close to the light for the seedlings?

    Any advice is appreciated. :bongin:

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  2. that's strange. if i touched the bulb of mine i'd be screaming and kicking a hole through the wall haha.
  3. Ya, that econocool reflector, really cools it down, i have one like it and my plants shot up about 6 inches away from the glass. But they didnt burn, and werent showing any signs of the light being too close. But i eventually moved it higher. I would say that you should be fine with a foot, especially if you have good ventillation.
  4. if your heat is under controll ....THERE'S NO SUCH THING ....TOO MUCH LIGHT
    i built one last year that you could let things grow right on to it ... was pretty cool ...
    moved on to bigger n better ..... good luck ... happy growing...
  5. I think he's talking about the glass panel on the bottom of that hood - not the glass of the bulb (at least I hope)

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