400W Perpetual Mini-SoG

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  1. Hey everyone! I have grown through 2 or 3 grows, and now I know what works best for me. I am doing a perpetual Mini-SoG. I am cutting 3-4 clones at a time, waiting 7-10 days for them to root, and then putting them in rockwool and straight into flowering. I am just handwatering with 5.8, 1000PPM FloraNovaBloom.

    As you can see, they are all just in tupperware containers; the top ones have holes cut in them for drainage. I also have 2 soil solocup plants going as well. If they grow adequately and don't show problems of being rootbound, I might go that route, but for now, until the results are in, I am sticking with handwatered rockwool.

    I have a 400W HPS light with a 4 inch axial fan mounted to the fixture itself, blowing through, and out the ducting you see there. At the top of the closet we have 6" ducting attached to a 6" squirrel cage fan, to which is attached a carbon filter. I don't have pics of the closet exhaust because it's in the attic, and a pain in the arse to get to! Intake for the closet just comes from under the door. Temps range from 70 at night to 83 during the day.

    The biggest plant, "CloneB" is 41 days into flowering. The 3 next biggest, "CloneC, CloneD, and CloneE (which is in the circular container and not worthy of it's own picture)" are 18 days into flowering. I don't know what "CloneE's" problem is, but I don't like it. The last 4 smallest plants are 6 days into flowering. "CloneF" and "CloneG" are in the solo cups, and "CloneH" and "CloneI" are in tupperware like the others.

    I also have a seperate veg cab for my mother plant. It has a 150W HPS light in it, with 4" passive intake and a 4" axial fan for exhaust. Temps range from 79-89 in there; a bit high, but things are looking OK.

    So, that is pretty much the gist of everything I have going on right now. More clones were cut yesterday, and are on their way to going into the closet!

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