400W or 250W?

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  1. Im thinking about getting a GL80 tent. Its 3' x 3' x 5'. I want to grow 4 full size plants in it. Im hoping to get 8 ounces each harvest atleast. I dont want to have to have separate cooling for the hood though. I want the ballast to be able to switch HPS and Mh as well. Should I do a 400W or a 250W? Im going to have a 4" vortex exhaust fan with a carbon filter. Not sure if it will be passive or another fan for intake. Any advice?
  2. 4 two oz plants in a 3x3 area is very ambitious. Not a lot of space to work with... You will most likely be looking at 20-30g per. The 400w should be fine but you may want to consider an air cooled hood. Will get pretty toasty in there with only a 4" fan to exhaust all of that heat in the grow tent. Good luck!
  3. What size or methods do you think I could use to get around 8 oz? Would a 2x4 SoG with a mother cab work? Im trying to avoid a 4x4, but 4 oz every 3 month is just not enough. ANy suggestions on a setup would be helpful. Im already working with a cabinet thats 24"x18"x26", and now I want to add a grow tent, hopefully a 3x3 or a 2x4, want to avoid a 4x4 but considering it. Probably going to do a 400W or 600W depending on size.
  4. 430w hps if you ask me. that's what i rock on a 3x3' space and it works excellent. i also hang some compact florescent lights through the canopy in order to get some deep penetration during the late stages of flowering when the leaves are thick and the forest is too dense to allow light to penetrate down into the lower branches.
  5. 8oz is a lot to expect. 4 is easily possible. One way to speed up the process is to veg plants separately.

    If you veg separately for one month then put them in the flowering room you will only have to wait about two months every time. This way you will always have plants that are flowering. This is what I do. I veg using a couple of CFLs near an open window, it's not a great set up but it means I always have plants ready to flower.

    Get the 400 watt or you will never achieve your goal of 8oz!
  6. I disagree with what others have said. As i understand it, you were wanting 2 Oz per plant ( 2 Oz x 4 plants = 8 Oz right?) With a 400w hps in a GL80 i think you could manage 2 Oz a plant pretty easy. I've got 1.5 Oz a plant from CFLs before only veg'd like 5 weeks.
  7. I've got 2oz from a plant before using a 400 too, but on my first grow i got nowhere near this
  8. I personally would recommend a larger room first. 4x4 atleast. Mainly because your gonna want large pots to get large plants so the space will be needed. I think u can do it easily with a 400w but a dimable 600 would increase you yield also. But ya I would go with a 4x4.

    Think of it like this. You have a 4x4. With 4 plants. That gives u only 1 square foot per plant. Any thing less would restrict the size of the plants u can grow. Some people do outgrow there tents. The plant can double in size from veg to flower
  9. 4 plants in a 4x4 area gives 4 square feet per plant
  10. Thanks for all the opinions. I know I want a 4x4, but in this stage in life, I dont know if that kind of size is what Im looking for. I think the GL80 might work well with my cab acting as a veg room. Then even if I got 4-6 oz's out of each harvest itd be great.
  11. [quote name='"smoketoker"']4 plants in a 4x4 area gives 4 square feet per plant[/quote]

    What?? No it doesn't. 4 square feet x 4 is 16 squat feet. So ur tellingly there's 16 square feet on the floor of a 4x4 tent. Don't smoke so much before u do math
  12. 4ft by 4ft is 16 square feet. A 4x4 tent has 16 square feet on the floor. Maybe you shouldn't smoke at all and go back to school.
  13. Ya I'm area. I'm talking about floor space for 4 plants. Gives u only 1 square foot o floor space per plant
  14. 16 square feet divided by 4 plants gives each plant 4 square feet of surface area.
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    I drew you a little picture.

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  16. Oh damn. My math was way off. What I meant was in a 4x4 area it gives u roughly 2ft laterally for space per plant each direction.
  17. Damn man, I'mn in the same boat as you kinda... I want to get a 400 and I'm looking at this 40x40x78 grow tent on ebay for 90 bucks free shipping, but I also don't wanna cheap out either....
  18. From my experience this grow i would say go with a 600 watt dimmable ballast and a coolable hood. As you will find out you will most likely need to exhaust heat from light. I picked up active air 400cfm intake fan 79.99. I was running my 600watt on 450 75% and it was in 80's in a little bigger area than 3x3. Check the link out at the bottom my first indoor, message me and i'll send a link to where i got my hood, bulb, dimmable ballast, yo yo hangers,and timer 225 but i bought 2. Might be 250 but still an awesome setup to start just no mh which you can go w/o. Alot of people go hps only
  19. I actually just picked up a 400w hps and a GL80 tent a few days ago and I love it. I also got a 394CFM canfan for ventilation which is a must pretty much. Honestly thought the GL80 is quite tight and very reflective so 400w in there does wonders. If you want to check out my sig for pics you can. I only started flowering on 11/18, so no bud pics as of yet.
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