400w MH?

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  1. A friends is lending me a Hydrofarm (SunBurst Series) 400w MH/HPS and I live in Florida. I have a girl about 2 months that's running 3 CFLs (she's being trained. Currently has 10 tops :D) and need to know if upgrading will be suspicious on power bill. I plan on using the CFL's as side lighting, and to run 18 hour days And 6 hour nights (less suspicion). I don't know what to think HELP!!

    She's in the dark right now, when the lights switch back on I'll take a pic. Had to defoliate so she looks smaller and less bushy then she used to be.
  2. If you pay your electric bill on time, you have nothing to worry about. Electric companies arent looking to investigate and bust paying customers...

    If you're living with someone else who pays the electric bill, they will notice.
  3. I run 1400w of lights and 3 1500w air conditioners in the summer and nobody says shit.
  4. 400w is less than many tvs and computers use, how would that raise suspicion.
  5. I'm running a 400 watt, 6" inline fan, few CFLs, few small fans, space heater dehumidifier as needed. I hardly noticed much on my power bill. I was very happy.The pool out back uses way more and nobody came knocking on my door over that. Heck just our daily electronics, TVs, phones, laptops etc, and household appliances that most all of us have in our homes cost more to run as a whole.
  6. I'm in florida as well and know for a fact that even if you run 24/0 your electric bill will not go up very much. Certainly not enough to raise any flags. 400w is relatively small. I have the same size light. In my city I never pay more than .09 cents per kWh I imagine yours is similar. As long as you don't plan on upgrading to say a 3000watt system you've got no worries.

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  7. Anyone else growing in the FL? Need more opinions!
  8. haha it's OK to be paranoid but the chances of an extra 30 bucks a month in electricity starting an investigation is negligible. It's more important that you keep the number of people who know about your girl to a minimum.
  9. Your question's been answered dude.

    Shoot, I know people with coral reef tanks who run 1200w in metal halide lighting on a 14/10 schedule. Their electricity company has never bothered them.

    Just pay your bill, and keep it quiet and you'll be fine dude.
  10. Ya alot of people have already answered your question. Your fine. You paranoid. Dont let any of your friends know what your doing and pay your bill. Im currently running 2 x 1000 wtat hps, 3 x 300 watt leds, and 6 x 125 watt cfls. So thats 3,650 watts? Also forgot to mention al the fans and my 1200 watt ac unit. Lol. Your good dude calm down. The main thing you need to be concerned with is who all has seen your grow. That is where you will get busted.
  11. Thanks everyone! Cased closed.

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