[400W MH/HPS] 4xDNA Sour Cream - Grow 3

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  1. Hey guys, sorry I've been away so long. My old lady and I had seperated so I wanted to wait till she moved to get started again. Anyways, I'm back and slappin titties harder than ever.

    I still got my 1000w hps but my new addition is a 400w switchable ballast that I scored off craigslist for 80$ 2 bulbs and hood included. Pretty good deal imo. So now I have the light to have a 150w clone chamber, 400w veg room, and a 1000w flower room. Yes, that's right ladies and gents I'm trying to go prepetual. Here's the LD.

    150w HPS
    400w switchable mh/hps
    1000w hps air cooled ballast
    Movable A/C unit

    Medium will be fox farm oceanic.
    Fox farm trio
    With flush and molases near the end.

    -Today 4x seeds cracked put into grodan cubes in humidity dome.

    Will post some pics when my laptop is fixed.

    Hope all my old friends find this post.

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