400w Metal Halide too much for seedlings?

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  1. Got everything set to go, all ducks in row, and now that I'm waiting for my seeds to pop through the soil, I thought, "Ahhh shit. That 400w Metal Halide I got for vegging could be too much."
    So, can anyone tell me if that I put the seedlings under that light, are they gonna fry or will they be O.K.?

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Keep the light 3 1/2 feet away from seedlings and after 2-3 weeks move the light closer. Here is a Growth Chart for your lights.

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  3. if you're @ all worried about stretching, i'd suggest some CFLs until the seedliings are strong enough to take the MH. i used 4 27w daylight cfls, they aren't hot so you can put them much closer and keep them from getting too tall. i switched to the 400w MH in probably a week or 2. i also LSTd them
  4. Both above approaches are sound.
  5. I guess I'm gonna have to get some CFLs for safety's sake. After all, seeds aren't cheap.
    Thanks again for all the help everyone.
  6. God knows I wish I had LSTd mine. Too late now, just gotta hope for the best. Maybe I can still SCROG?
  7. remember metal halide puts off more heat than hps...

  8. Actually, the subject is M.H. lighting and the posted picture is for HPS. Here is the correct chart.

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