400w metal halide for flowering

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  1. My uncle is an electrician and is giving me a metal halide light system and I can't afford a hps ballast at the time been vegging with 100w cfl 6500k Jst wondering how my results would b?? Thanks in advance
  2. it will work, but not as good as a 400w HPS. MH gives off way fewer lumens. Many MH ballasts will run an HPS bulb, and bulbs are really cheap. Ask your uncle if it will run an HPS. As he is an electrician, he should know
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    It'll work just fine as I've seen several growers go start to finish under one light or the other just fine..
    You can look around for what's called a conversion bulb.. They come in several flavors but the general idea is a HPS lamp that burns in a MH ballast.. The reverse is also around a MH that burns in a HPS ballast..
    http://www.bulbstock.com/plco.html?gclid=CNCf4uPBncoCFYElgQodtcgFTQ conversion bulbs..
    Edit:: metal halide being a decades newer tech then HPS also comes in a wide range of colors-kelvin ratings from the 3000s up into the 10ks and higher so there is that to consider.. MH is a best choice IMO
  4. Looking into them right now hoping my uncle can get me a hps light instead we will c

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