400w metal halide flower

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  1. 4in fan


    newly rooted clones in party cups


    back left sweet tooth back right big buddah cheese and front ak 47 x jack herrer all 2 weeks into flower

  2. what spectrum/ color temp you using? i have a "gold" 3000k 150w halide and ive heard people use em for flower with amaziing results
  3. not to sure I figure its better then my 70w hps
  4. yeah prolly so man, but shit throw her in there 2 why not?
  5. yeah I was thinking about it but I couldnt figure the best way sence the 400 bulb is so big and the 70w smaller then a regular light bulb
  6. yeah with it being so small proper placement is key, find the place where its easiest to keep cool, has the best coverage, and doesnt conflict with the 400 :)
  7. hell yeah sounds good thanks for the advise
  8. heres the setup any advice or input wanted


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  9. nice man, nice whats that inside of?are they all flowering becuase i think i see a few problems with one of ya girls. looks like nitrogen def/ maybe iron def.. heres a picture i find helpful... whats the PH runnin like? what ya feedin em? cos im seeing a few things you may wnana keep your eyes on


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    Hopefully that'll help sort things out a bit cos they are way good lookin bitches.
  10. its a little home made box of just plywood and I just feed her some 6-12-8 bloom fert
  11. do you check the ph?
  12. I did about 30mins after watering and it was 6.8 but didnt before
  13. good, thats a good place to be, if that was the soil ph or runoff ph your spot on :)
  14. that was soil ph ive never understood what people mean by the run off and donno what the ph for that should be
  15. Runoff is the water that runs out the bottom of the container when watering once your soil is fully saturated. It's ph should be around neutral (7) or so but between 6.0-7.0 is generally fine. If you're doing organics you shouldn't need to worry about the ph because the soil will adjust itself to properly takeup nutrients.

  16. How do organics adjust their own ph? thats a confusing concept for me haha:confused:
  17. perfect picture
  18. so a new problem this morning how do I know if I have spider mites? pretty sure a so called good friend of mine aka the douche gave me all thoes cuttings from spidermite infested plants that he jus started treating
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    holdon, ill show you
    horrible little fuckers, almost looks like spiderwebby ness and like just dusty shit. if you do have them almost any neem oil product will help, mix with water and "foliar spray" them, just make sure to stop before harvest if the mites are done cos the stuff has a verry distinct smell. I HOPE YOU DONT HAVE MITES.:(

  20. this is what mine looka like and so far on only 1 plant

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