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400w HPS

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Chamonix, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. I found someone selling a working, 400w HPS with wing and a remote ballast for 20$.

    Is there anything I should look for when purchasing.
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  2. Yeah.. that it really does work.
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    Thats why I would be going to his house to see it working. No shady walmart HPS for me.

    I meant function wise. I doubt moving a super hot HPS is advisable so I cant run it too long. As an aside what is the best way to move something like that.
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  4. If I were to go back to hps I’d make sure the light also ran MH bulbs for veg
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  5. It won’t be super hot if you turn it on for a min then off don’t worry I run 5
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  6. The bulb gets hot really fast but also cools down really fast. As long as the ballast is in a steel case you could transport it right away after a whole day of running. The case would not likely be any hotter than 80 - 100F so wouldn't even melt a plastic bag much less set fire to anything. I have 4 - 400s and a couple of 1000W magnetics and have used them for almost 20 years. Most are a lot older than that. Only once had to replace the capacitor in one when it failed to fire a good bulb.

    Not even a case on three of them. :) Price was right. Free!

    This one is being used right now to power a 16 yo Hortilux conversion bulb that gives me MH light off an HPS ballast. Was using a 7200K MH PlantMax bulb off my 400w MH ballast but it doesn't seem to grow plants worth a damn and it's nearly brand new. Hoping the Hortilux lasts until I can get a decent MH bulb to run off the MH. Doesn't have to be Hortilux but has to be better than this PlantMax POS.


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