400w HPS White Rhino/Bubbilicious Soil Grow

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  1. I just started a new grow a few days ago. I am growing 8 plants total..some are white rhino and some are bubbilicious. Got my seeds from dr. chronic very quickly. I germinated them a few days ago, and i planted the opened seeds in 1 gallon pots 5 days ago, the plants are 3 days old today. here are some details about my grow:

    Growing Media: 60% potting soil/40% perlite

    Lighting: 400w HPS for flowering and last few weeks of vegging, the first few weeks of vegging i am going to use a 125w envirolite fluro and 2 45w spiral cfl's.

    Nutrients: Growmore Grow, Micro, And Bloom. Very similar to the gh flora 3 part series. Nutes will be started about 3 weeks after they sprout.

    Ventilation: for now nothing, since the climate is cool and dry where i live. I may put in a cheap oscilating fan for ventilation if the room gets to hot, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    Pots: starting them in 1 gallon pots, as soon as sex is known the females will be put into 3 gallon pots, and the males will be pulled.

    Techniques: Every plant will be LSTed at about 3-4 weeks of age. I plan on tying down ALOT of branches to get a sturdy and very bushy plant with huge buds. The ties will be cut when stretching stops.

    Watering: Distilled water, Plants will be watered AROUND every 5-10 days, depends on how fast they drink the water:)

    Other Info: The room is painted a matte white for good reflection, a silver tarp is also going to be put in to section off the closet where i will be growing. I also have a few other useful equipment: epsom salt for magnesium, 10-100x microscope, ph testing kit, etc.

    2 of the plants i am not sure wether they are wr or bb, a few seeds were mixed up so the last 2 plants are uknown strain wise, but they have to be either wr or bb. The other 6 are all marked and labeled, there are 3 wr and 3 bb.

    They will be cut when about 75% of the triches are cloudy and 25% are amber.

    the door to the closet has also had weatherstripping applied all around the door, so no light will get in and none will escape (i had some light leaking issues last grow)

    I will keep everyone followed up on the progress of the grow, i should be posting/posting pictures every few days so keep checking back.

    \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t\t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t[​IMG]
  2. The plants are 3 days old (sprouted 3 days ago). Here are the first pics, i have the first 6 under a 125w cfl w/ batwing reflector and the other 2 on the end under a 45w cfl with dome reflector. I also watered them for the first time since they sprouted, there color has gotten even greeener since they've been watered. I am going to start using the hps at around 3 weeks old.


  3. Your setup seems pretty decent. Just make sure htose lights are close to the seedlings. Ya dont want stretching. So far so good, Hope you go somewhere with this one:D
  4. I know, the lights are about 3 inches from the plants. I just moved them very high up so i could take the picture.
  5. i'm in...:wave:
  6. good growing to ya....nice setup, don't know why you aren't switchin to the HPS sooner than the last week of veg.... I would veg. with the HPS at least for a month....just my 2cents(maybe 1/2cents by now:D ) goodluck
  7. maybe he is on to something...
  8. I may switch to hps a little sooner..but i've noticed in my past grows, that the cfl's make the plant stay bushy and short, as the hps makes them taller and more lanky. I just like the way they turn out better when i veg with a cfl for the first 3-4 weeks.
  9. HIGH All, welcome to The City IndicaSativa420....looks like you have everything covered...have fun.
  10. Thanks..this is my first grow in over a year. My last two grows went very well, so i'm hoping this one does also.
  11. Here are some pics from my last grow...as you can see in the pics below, the leaves are very indica looking, but then it started growing very skinny sativa looking leaves, and it took 72 days to flower with my hps which is long for an indica dominant plant, the bud was very nice though. It had a lemony smell and a sweet earthy taste. And it was loaded with triches. The plant was 3' 3" at harvest, i got a little over 2 ozs. out of here.



  12. I decided i'm probably going to switch to the hps when they are around 10 days old. They are 6 days old today, and looking very healthy. I'll get new pics up tomorrow.
  13. I just took these new pics about 10 mins ago..today they are 7 days old.

  14. Looking very nice keep it up. your last harvest looked nice, i hope i can get two ounces per plant. My plants will be three feet at harvest. Good luck.
  15. Thanks, i live in boston also. If your plant is going to be 3ft, you can definately get 2 ounces per plant...probably more. Good luck on your grow
  16. I just went to home depot and picked up a few things:

    Digital hygrometer/thermometer
    Intermatic heavy duty timer
    And another 45w cfl

    So right now, they are under a total of 215w's of cfl's. I decided for sure that i will be using the 400w hps when they are 10 days old..so in 3 days.

    Could someone tell me how far i should put it from the plants? I know the general rule is about 16 inches, but since the are young how close should it be?
  17. hmmmm tall and lanky with hps? doesn't sound right especially over cfls:rolleyes:
  18. I have a 400watter as well and right now my plants are about 1.5months so they would be a bit older than yours. They are about a foot away right now and they are fine. For you, i would say if you have good cool air in your space then you could keep them even 8-10 inches away i would say. But if your space is hot (80-90) Then you might need to keep it 18 inches away. Hope that helps.
  19. The temp in there with the cfl's is about 75 degrees. But the hps is going to make it alot hotter...probably around 80 degress if i put a fan in. Are you sure your plants aren't getting burnt with the light that close? Last grow, if i tried to put the hps closer than a foot, it would burn the top of the plant. even 12 inches is a little too close for a 400w IMO.

    realdealz- Yes, red spectrum during vegging causes lankier plants. The cfl's i have are similar in spectrum to an MH, so they stay shorter. I've used the hps during vegging before, and they definately were taller and skinnier. Look at the pics on the first page, look at how bushy my plant is? I used the cfl's for the whole vegging period when i grew that plant.
  20. ^^^ yeah I know that HPS causes the red spectrum(better for flowering) and MH blue blah blah blah....but no way is cfls better than HPS....its proven that HPS is the best all around if you can't use a MH for vegging....

    i'm not anti-cfl just if you have the HPS its better all around for bigger busher plants...

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