400w hps w/ ballast...119$ new...(PICS)

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  1. k so i purchased a 400w hps grow light with ballast all for 119$ (new) and 149$ total after shipping&handling...was that a good deal??????????..here is a pic of what i got....:confused::confused:
  2. oh ya and its 53,000 lumens
  3. in poland hps like that but homemade or parts for hps like this will cost something about 40-50$ i make my 150w hps for 25$ and i've got there 17,000 lumens:) i think that buying lamps like this is stupid because is very simple to do it yourself at home... peace and forgive me for my english language:D

    this is my hps ;)

  4. wow thats neet....unfortunatly im not so smart with constructing those...i need an MH lamp tho....do u know how to make those? wait on second though how did u make them?? because now im thinking of just doing that....i have soldering equipment and im capable of doing it,, i just need to learn how to, any advise?
    Thanks :)
    oh and your english is fine:)
  5. few days ago i was wrote a worklog about hps building, i can translate it if anybody needs;) MH lamps, hmm, i never build this but i can find some info and write new worklog about. for this time i know only that some MH can be use with hps electrical configuration (ballast), but rest of MH lamps need different electrical conf

  6. Ide really like to know how you made it. Since you might know more than me, whats a ballast? Is it necessary? Could you just replace the 150w bulb with a 400w and be set? I just yesterday start readin some info on indoor growin, sp pardon my noobness.
  7. where did you get that set up for 150? i just payed 160 for a 150 watt hps and now i feel like an idiot lol
  8. so:
    HPS OSRAM nav-t super (son-t plus) 17,000 lumens NEW! is from allegro.pl (something like eBay), that was an auction and i won them and pay for bulb 5$ (bulb + transport) :D

    ballast cost 15$ all, man from allegro sold me that for this small price:)

    rest parts i bought in my town for 5$

    heh, i think that's cheap xD

    ok, i will write worklog about 400hps, please tell me what voltage u have got in your homes? in europe we've got 230V and u in america?
  9. Most houses In US are 120v
  10. Yes you got a very good deal on your 400 watt HPS. Yes you need a ballast to run the lights. If the ballast is rated at 250 watts you can NOT put a 400 watt light in there.
  11. I got it off of ebay...it was 119$ but the shipping and handling was a pain (30$)....
    So wait how can i determine if i can use its ballast? i dont know what my home wattage is and all taht other stuff and the watt of the ballast....
    damn i hope nothign is wrongg...
  12. oh durr im stupid it says its a 400 watt ballast right on the picture haha
  13. for 150watts hps bulb u must use 150watts ballast
    for 250watts hps bulb u must use 250watts ballast
    for 400watts hps bulb u must use 250watts ballast

    u can NOT connected 250watts bulb and 150wats bulb and use for them 400watts ballast

    u can NOT connected 250watts ballast and 150watts ballast for 400watts hps bulb
  14. "the ballast is refurbished, but it has a warranty" it has a warranty because ballast very rarely broken down, refurbished to...
  15. cant i use 400w hps bulb with 400w ballast?
  16. i've got a problem:/ in us u've different ballast and i don't know to much about this... but i'll learn and learn;)
  17. "cant i use 400w hps bulb with 400w ballast?" yes. and you can't use different ballast for this bulb, or can't use different bulb for this ballast.
  18. I got my light from the same place, except I got the MH/HPS switchable. They are reliable and their prices are very compeititve. For those asking, the vendor's own website is htgsupply-dot-com. Sure it's cheaper to build your own, but like you I don't know nuthin' about wiring ballasts and would rather pay extra to get something pre-built and likewise would prefer brand new to refurbished.

    This is their "econo" line, which works just fine. Only problem with their econo line, which I realized after I had bought mine, is that the cord from the lamp to the ballast is hard-wired at both ends. That means that if you want to put the ballast outside of the grow area you can't use a little hole for the cord because you can't unplug it, instead need a big hole to pass the ballast through.
  19. ok cool thanks thats a reliefe to me
  20. will an MH light bulb work with my same ballast and lamp? like can i just take out my HPS one when im ready and then put in an MH? cause that would be cool if i could,,,,,if not oh well MH wont make that huge of difference not having....i think.....
    I am gonna check out that person u got urs off of.

    Hahahaha u have to make a huge holee......damn i hope mines not like that.....well it wouldnt really matter i guess because i am putting it in a spot where it doesnt need a hole just slide the shelf off and put it at the bottom and put shelf on and it would be going down the side......i hope mines not like tho just incase i do some future stuff with it...

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