400W HPS Tent setup.

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  1. What's up blades? Been awhile since I posted a setup thread in the indoor growing section.

    Just a little update my grow is substantially small with the regular guy "budget."

    The tent itself is 4feet long by 2feet deep and 5feet high.

    Inside the tent is a 400w HPS from HTG Supply, two desk fans attached by chain to the left and right side of the tent and lastly an inline fan to bring cool air in.

    The surrounding air temperature fluctuates from 55 degrees F to 70 degrees F depending when the house is cold.

    Odor control is not an issue. My plant growth is my issue right now, as far as leaving the lights on my budget allows ten hours of light a day for the seedlings which I generally run from 10am to 8pm that's when the temperature is not controlled in the room.

    I get my seedlings to three weeks under the light and they still haven't shown any major results maybe the cotyledons and two sets of leaves but it seems they are stunted. The soil ph is perfect and it is a compost mix, leaves have turned yellow about a week after emerging. I have flushed the soil.

    I'm an avid gardener and I don't grow just pot, I grow roses and adeniums as well. I've never faced this issue before with my cannabis plants indoor this time of the year.

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  2. You need to use the inline fan to push stale, CO2-depleted air out of the tent. Ie, an exhaust fan. A small passive intake (hole) is a plenty sufficient supply of fresh air as long as there is exhaust present.

    If you're blowing into the tent, against the backpressure of depleted air, these plants are starved of CO2 and that is why they are not growing.
  3. You look like you have it on a 3 or 5 gal container possibly? When you grow into a big medium like that at an early age (or even transplant into one), it will spend the next few weeks establishing a better network of roots so it will grow slowly on top while it grows more below the soil. Wait another week or so and it'll really start to pick up imo.

    Also I'm surprised that you can keep the temps that low without having a cool tube reflector or having a major exhaust system. High humidity at that time is good too.
  4. seems like its getting a lil cold in there.. around 65 is the lowest i let me tent get...
  5. I would say those guys are in too big of bags right now as their roots will be wanting to touch bottom first then spread wide?
  6. That is a big temp fluctuation, i wouldnt' worry so long as it doesn't get any colder than that. My 'nighttime' temps are ususally around 57, and mine always turn out frosty.

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