400w HPS multi strain startup

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  1. startin up a 400w hps over 5 babies right now...whats to expect if ALL GOES AS PLANNED with what i have?? insight appreciated first official setup :

    5x5 room
    400w hps
    wing reflector
    2 widow x sensi skunk (just germinated)
    1 DreamWork
    1 SB SourPower
    1 The Dean
    ( all 3 about 2 weeks old )

  3. id sudjest 4 plants, with 5 under a 400 sombodys always left out, hard to say whats to expect with what you have, hope you have more than a light.... other than that be shure you have ph/ppm meters, fresh air coming in,temp/rh meter,and un-clorinated water,  
    also if you plan on veging id get some cfls or a t-5 and drop then real close to plants or get a mh bulb as hps open faced (reflector) is ganna promote streching lika mofo...
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  4. If its you first time , toss one plant.  People say 100watts per plant because less than that increases hermie chances tenfold. Which is not worth it. Sofies choice for wich plant to murder haha.
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  5. I say sprout all five, let em grow a bit and then brutally murder the weakest link. 
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  6. one of my starburst didnt make it so im down to 4 now...

    ive yet to ph test my soil or water (will keep updating)

    im avg. around 78-83degrees with almost no fresh air tho(almost all being recycled)

    SIDE QUESTION: i buried the dreamwork all the way to its first set of round leaves, so about 1 good inch of stem into soil....will this promote root growth??

  7. could i just drop the 400?
  8. I grow 4 plants with my 400w and I get around 100-180 dried per plant depending on strain and veggie time .
    But I just got done doing a sensi super skunk and I'd hate to say that 5 foot tall tent is to small . I veggied mine for 18 days and it got over 4 feet with pot a good 5 feet it was almost as tall as me during harvest 6'0. And ur veggie with HPS ? U looking at a good 7foot plant lol.
    Always veggie with MH to reduce stretching .

    Plus u gotta keep in mind space for the light and carbon filter meaning at least an extra foot for wingle room.
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  9. thats doooope bro, so should i flower my 1 month olds?? (there about 1 foot avg. canopy)

    I was gonna try and top first to use up more lateral space, smart idea?
  10. and my maximum height the light can be raised to is about 6'0ft...am i in trouble?
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    U r good if its at 6'0 but go ahead and switch over to flowering in the next days as if its around 1 half feet from pot id switch to flowering .

    Also I do a 24hr dark period the first day of flowering to entice the plant to start flowering quicker , it always seems to work with me after 4-6 days I see hairs coming out the soon to be bud sites of course it's just a suggest .

    Plus make sure to always keep ur light as close as possible because if its a month old should be around foot n half not a foot. The closeness of the light has a lot to do with that.
    8-10" (handsize length away from the plants) is ideal
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  12. thanks alot man, lowering my light asap.
    Im gonna flower in about 3 days (just veg.nuted) i wanna wait for dry soil to start the bloom.
    & at this point am i at least going to avg. 1 oz per plant? (low expectations create higher outcome:p)
  13. Rotate ur plants a quarter at least once a day if not 2 times if possible 6 hour intervals so all bud spots can get light . Keep the light as low as possible without burning the plants . And u flower for at least 55 days then hell yeah u should get a good 3oz per plant .
    I get a good 4-5oz per plant with my 400w HPS and I'm just learning the ropes ;-)
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  14. excellent. excellent. excellent. befriend me bro!
    ill be updating and etc., my goal is to one day pass on the same knowledge to those in need of it...(your position) ;)

    fly high brotha
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  15. 4-5oz per plant under a 400 yeah right show pics or it never happened. u shouldnt be given people unreal goals on the first grow. 4 plants x 4 oz = 16 oz or one pound under a 400watt light. where r the pics maybe if you r running a 1000 watter  not trying to start anyting. but getting to those numbers is highly unlikely
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  16. Your not wana put as much effort and time as its gonna take to rotate plants daily , esecially once there more mature and nugs flop around. That one plant that is getting less light than the standard 100w could get stressed enough to herm and ruin your whole crop.
    And 4-5 oz a plant would require a Expert grower with a Very high yielding strain, I have 4 or 5 harvests under my belt and I hit a tad over 7oz's from 6 plants under 400w. But one of the girls hermied ,4 plants and a slightly smaller harvest would have turned a better quality of flowers but I enjoyed learning from experience ,to a degree, so ya. I'll never break the 100w/per lady rule again. Good luck, TTFN.
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  17. Hey grey hows it goin, Jw what your veg time was on that 7oz harvest?
    Mine will be 1 month 1 1/2 weeks....is that suitable for a harvest of about 4oz alltogether? (at least)
  18. UPDATE :: I am down to 3 plants (Im puttin the smaller starburst into nursery)

    so my question to grey applies to THREE plants
  19. i flower under 400watt hps and veg of 8 weeks or so under CFL's . last grow 3 plants LSD ,WW, and Alpulco Gold averaged 5oz pre plant . move plants around evry watering ( once a week or so ) in 5 gallon pots . room is 4x5ft and i try and keep plants under 4ft ,5 ft with pot .this grow will finish late next month 5 plants ,kept them smaller but wow lots of buds , really filling in !!!
    thing that helps me the most if realizing it is  "just a weed " ,not a fancy orchid and can stand a lot of mistakes and still bounce back .
    best suggestions i can make is veg until around 18" and take 5 or 6 clones off of it at leat twice so you get lots of colas .no point in putting a little plant in flower room and spending all the time for an oz or less of bud ---Erb
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  20. Ill be at around 14''-16'' at start of flowering im assuming.
    + I'm at around 133w per plant...so i might have a lil boost from that? and get them to 20'' before?(hopefully)

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