400w hps in my grow tent as a heater during the winter?

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  1. Anybody have success using a 400w hps in a fairly small grow tent (secret jardin dr60) as a heater? I live on the east coast and it has already started to get pretty cold. The closet the tent is placed in has a draft coming in from the outer room. My plan is to switch to the 400w hps at 12/12 and keep my lights on at night when the tent will be coldest. I was considering getting a 250w hps, but actually found that i could get the 400w for cheaper with a dimmable ballast. Is this a good plan of action? Also how effective is the dimmable ballast at keeping the temps down if i were to run the same set up in the summer at 50%?

  2. I live in Florida and have a 400w dim able ballast. I do not have any sort of ventilation other than the open closet door and no cool tube or cooling system other than my homes AC unit. I do not have trouble keeping the temps down even with the light around 10 inches from the canopy.

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  3. It gets cold here and I use the heat from my 400w hid to help keep the room my tent is in warm. I still need a space heater for when the lights are off and for when it gets real cold out. The room I grow in is separate from my house so I supply heat and a/c as needed. As far as the summer goes running 50% might help, but chances are you'll still need a/c and be wasting that extra light, unless you have pretty cool summers. Might as well run 100% with the a/c on.
  4. It'll work.

    I have heard running your ballast at less than 100% can have negative effects on your bulbs life expectancy. But don't quote me on that...
  5. East coast grower here as well. I've used a 400W HPS as a heater in an agromax mother keeper tent under 14 hours on it keeps it warm. I would test the amount of cold air coming in as an exchange. If it's too much at a time get a small space heater and keep it on low or set a separate timer for it to go off a few hours after the lights go out and then off an hour before they go on.
  6. Should watch your humidity levels... Do you run an exhaust fan?
    I use my 600w for heat, turning off hood vent fan and leaving my exhaust fan running with a speed controller to keep temps right around 70-74* the fan running keeps my Rh levels within reason. I also use a couple fans to keep the air moving inside the tent.

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