400W HPS/ G13,Blue Cheese,Super Lemon Haze / +2 Randoms

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    Alright guys, So here goes my first grow.
    ANY help is WANTED! Thanks ;)

    Anyway enjoy guys! :wave::wave:

    1x Barney's Farm - G13 Haze - Feminized
    1x Big Buddha - Blue Cheese - Feminized
    1x Green House - Super Lemon Haze - Feminized
    1x Free - 2 Free Feminized Seeds
    -Free Seeds- 7 Dwarfs- Colossus,Goliath both AUTOFLOWER.

    400W HPS bulb
    400W MH Conversion bulb

    3 Gallon buckets
    2-3-4 fans, i will air out the room every day or so.
    Foxfarms trio neuts

    I plan on running them under a 400W MH conversion bulb for veg and then switch to 400w hps for flower...

    Heres some pics of the grow area, Its about 3'x2.5'

    The first pic is the light above the area, and the second is the area itself..

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  2. Bump, Any help please?

    And about the light, should i go ahead an use HPS+ cfls or throw out 40$ for a MH bulb? Thanks guys,

  3. It all depends on how much room you have to flower. It's about a gallon a foot/month. If you plan to grow for 3-4 months, use 3 gal; use 5 gal if you plan to veg for a little longer and grow 5-7' plants.

    I'm going to use the FoxFarm Trio (Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom) as they are highly recommended (and organic.)

    My closet go too hot too, so I vented to the attic and drew from a neighboring room. I've included pictures in my journal. It's not difficult to do and can be repaired when you move.

    I recommend a MH bulb but you can use CFLs or HPS. From what I've read and see, MH is the best for the veg stage, CFL for seedlings, and HPS for flowering.


    Sub'd. Check out my journal for a similar grow.

  4. Thanks man,

    Im getting the MH conversion bulb,
    a tent, ROOTS ORGANIC soil,foxfarms trio neuts

    Chances are ill get a carbon filter for the tent too...
    Seeds should be here soon guys :smoke::smoke:

  5. Did the seeds arrive?

  6. Yea,
    Just hadnt started them due to some unfortunate delays =/

  7. Okay. Best of luck :)

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