400w HPS + DIgital Ballast

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    the reflector is 100% non-toxic. lol, wtf does that mean? You can eat it?

    Looks decent enough to me man, never heard of the brand, I am sure it's a chinese knockoff. Remember the rule of thumb, usually, you get waht you pay for, but at that price might be worth the risk, ya know?.
  2. Yeah man I know what you mean by getting what you pay for. That's why I haven't pulled the trigger on this. HTG Suppply has 400w HPS for $120.00 with the difference being I trust them. One of the biggest differences between the two are the one on e-bay has a digital ballast compared to the magnetic ballast from HTG. I haven't had no problems with my HTG 150 so IDK.
  3. i'd go with a lumatek ballast myself. can't beat the warranty. also, if you're gonna use a batwing reflector, you better make sure you won't have heat issues down the road.
  4. Yeah if I had the money that would be my choice as well. At this point in time the HTG 400w is much closer to my price range.

    I was thinking about heat with the 400. I leave my closet door open when my light is on and it's in an a/c controlled environment. Plus my fan. So I think I would be ok. But I won't know for sure until I get one and try it out. Still thinking about it.

  5. I bought an htg 400 for 120 and it came with a digi ballast.

    edit: nvm no its not lol, i was high

  6. Dude I wish they did. But then they would be a lot more expensive. I as going to ask you how you got a digital ballast with it for $120.00 lol. They are good lights in any case. I would really like to get a 400 to take the place of my 150 while my WW is still budding. The 150 seems to be doing fine. But I know the 400 would be much better.
  7. i'm not sure, but inside sun may have digi's. pretty good prices there.

    Inside Sun
  8. Hey thanks for the link GrowBot. Yeah they are little cheaper then HTG. Probably cause they are refurb's. But I have bought quite a few things that were refurb's and haven't had a problem with them. Basically from what I read the ballast is refurb'ed.

    The system is $99.99 + $28.24 S&H = $128.23. A little high on the shipping but still cheaper than HTG > $119.95 + $19.48 S&H = $139.43 Plus I was going to upgrade to a GrowBright lamp which was another $4.00. Don't know how much better that lamp is compared to what it comes with or with the high output GE lamp that comes with the one at Inside Sun. But I think I am going to go with the refurb'ed one at Inside Sun.

    Thanks again dude.
  9. With me just growing 1 plant at the moment, I wonder if it's worth shelling out the money to get a 400w HPS? My 150 seems to be doing just fine. Can any body say that switching from my 150 to a 400 will produce bigger and tighter buds? Or faster bud growth? I still have probably 5 or 6 weeks to go. I got a feeling I know the answer but thought I would ask for opinons.
  10. You will get A LOT more bud with a 400. And dude be safe and go with HTG, piece of mind is priceless, plus they are pretty much silent. But as stated b4, beware of the heat and compensate because the 400 will put off much more. 150=16000 lumens 400=50-55k lumens. You will double your yield.

  11. ^^^what he said!^^^

  12. Alright cool. Thanks guys. That's what I thought and you just confirmed it.

    Yeah I have had no problems with my HTG 150. It is very quite. Cant even hear it as a matter of fact. I haven't ordered it yet but man, yeah maybe I will go with the 400 from HTG .

    Thanks again guys. I appreciate your input.
  13. Well I just ordered the 400w HPS from HTG. Seeing that I am not far form them I should have it by monday or tuesday I would think. Guess I will be retireing the 150.
  14. Been shipped and scheduled delivery date is Monday. Of course I would have to work Monday and it requiers a signature. I was hopeing it would be here Tuesday instead. I am off on Tuesdays. Oh well maybe I can catch the ups guy if I am in the area.

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