400w HPS Cooling Question

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  1. I've been debating recently whether to flower with a 400w HPS or a series of CFL bulbs. Right now, I am leaning more towards the HPS.

    One of the only problems I am facing is the heat issue that comes with HPS bulbs. I will have 3 120mm fans that will serve as the exhaust fans. Will these fans be enough to keep my cab relatively cool? Or will I need to buy/create a duct cooling system (something that I would like to avoid if possible).

    The dimensions of my grow cab are: 3' Width x 4' High x 2' Deep

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)
  2. Well, HPS will definately be better for flowering because tons more lumens. CFLs can only compare if you have a whole bunch of them. The 120mm fans are good, but they probably won't keep the cab cool with a 400W bulb, although it depends on how well they're keeping it cool now. One suggestion would be to buy an AC reflector, like the Daystar AC reflector. It has built-in flanges which make it easy to connect a duct system if you want. Or you can just connect a fan directly to the flange. I have the 6" flange version, and I have a cheap, $20 inline duct fan (250-300CFM) attached directly to the flange itself. No ducting required.
  3. You should go with the HPS light. But, you have to deal with a bit of heat. If you can ventilate, then you should be OK. If you can't ventilate, you should try a Fluorescent light like this:


    I used to use those, and they worked pretty well. I then stepped up to the 400w Air-cooled, and I got better results (about 30% larger)
  4. Where did you buy your AC reflector with the 6" Inline.

    I found one on ebay HERE but it's a bit expensive and wondering if you had any other suggestions.

    Thanks :)
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    Sorry for the double post but...

    Disregard what I just said. I think I just found the perfect setup though.

    I'm almost positive I am getting THIS now

    Looks like the perfect setup for my price range :)

    Any thoughts?

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