400w HM vs. how many plants?

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  1. If I use 3 gallon pots under a 400w MH bulb would 4 pots (plants) be too many? Also, should I get a 400w HPS conversion bulb for 12/12 or just take it all the way with a 400w MH?

    TIA :wave:
  2. No, I had 7 single cola plants in 3 gallons. It worked for me. If yours are really branchy four could be too many. Got any pictures?

    I recommend the conversion bulb but it is by no means necessary, just better.

    Good luck!!
  3. Yeah you should be totally fine. depending on what type of bulb your using you can probably do more. You want about 3000 lumens during veg and 5000+ during flower. Find out how many lumens your bulb is, divide that by either 3000/5000 depending on the type of light, and that will tell you how many plants your bulb can support.
  4. No pics yet. I've got some seedsman WW fem beans from the TUDE coming that should be here in the next few days and I plan to LST them.

    I'm currently about three weeks into 12/12 on my second grow and they suck (bagseed)! lol I'm gonna pull them as soon as the WW gets here and start over. You reap what you sow for sure. Garbage in, garbage out. And in 8" Walmart pots! LOL

    Live and learn, man I'm glad I found this place! :wave:
  5. Dude some of my best shit has been bagseed. Bagseed from mids even.
  6. I believe the lumens are 41,000 so that looks like 8 plants in 3 gallon pots if I stick with MH. Thanks!

    I'm gonna look into a HPS conversion bulb and see what the lumens are for it before I commit to 8 I guess. :wave:
  7. Don't get me wrong, my first grow was VERY good stuff but the yield was low. 1/4 oz dry max x 5 plants. Long lanky sativa in 6" pots using MG. :D My current crop looks like more of the same and just 2 girls. The rest were all male or hermies that I yanked, out of 16 to start with. :wave:
  8. ouch.

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