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400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by 187Budz, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Indeed it does. My dog actually killed one for me... little bastard. I didnt have a pot to transplant 2 of them into so i put into my veg garden and she ate one... clearly didnt learn my lesson with the 2 ghost pepper and 2 skorpion pepper plants she destroyed

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
  2. Ahhhhh!
    I made a mistake. So i bought a decent oscillating heater with thermostat. Put that in the tent. And i also changed my ventilation around. Originally it was pumping the air out of the shed completely. But the temp was getting really low so i changed it so its pumping the air into the other side of the shed (cause the grow section is enclosed) and even though my shed temp is ok, the res temp jumped again and root rot is back with avengence(i missed one day of replacing the frozen water bottles.
    I changed the venting back to pumping outside. And turned off the heater (set for 20C then shuts off). But i turned it off untill i figure this out. Probably need to get it off the floor lol but hard with limited space.. sure glad im learning these lessons with my berry bomb and not my LSD that i plan to grow next.

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
  3. The thin firewall between problems and solutions with DWC is what keeps me working in the dirt. My second stage in veg sees sprouts going from eight inch pots to 2 gal for one topping and aggressive LST until they're ready for the big time. These three are in my on deck circle but a backlog in flower will keep them on long hours for a little while longer.
    IMG_20171016_101427.jpg IMG_20171016_101418.jpg IMG_20171016_101409.jpg IMG_20171016_101347.jpg
  4. How are your plants coming along?
  5. Well... my wife had a "moment"... during that time of the month. Decided i was pulling to much electricity... a 2w air pump and a 25w exhaughst fan was apparently to much. So she pulled the plug while i was at work. And rather then have her continue to do it. I said fuck it and through it into some dirt. Compromised... after she calmed down from her "moment" i explained the wattage to her so now she knows its tiny... but i am not putting it back into dwc after i put it into dirt. But she/he is alive and doing good.
  6. Now i have the privledge of dealing with the issues i was avoiding like bugs and run off and feeding every couple days... but she is pretty much ready for the sxrog to be installed just need to find time to do it
  7. Didnt even want to try to pull the roots through the pot so i just carefully held it above the bucket while filling with dirt
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  8. Sucks but at least you had a backup plan!
  9. [​IMG]

    I have no idea how to defoliate this bitch lol I still find it very difficult to cut away healthy leaves but I did a little bit and installed the scrog... miss my DWC


    Installed it a little higher then I planned but I think it will work nicely.

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  10. im guessing your vegging for quite a long time to fill that scrog?
  11. Hell No lol just made it big enough for 2 good sized plants. But wanted to test DWC before trying it out on my LSD seeds.
    Feeding day.
    Been feeding 2 L every 2 days with half strength grow micro bloom.
    Flushed last feed now back to nutes.
    Only fed 1 L I'll check on it later for runoff. And retake the pic that didn't seem to work lol

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
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  12. [​IMG]
    Lowered about 2 inches. Tucked a bit to expose everything a little better and gave her something to eat.

    1.75 L of water
    6 ml of GMB each
    1.5 ml of Wiltguard & Regen-a-root each
    3 ml of sensizyme
    Perhaps I'm watering to little.. not sure she seems healthy and there's always run-off.
    Didn't have to deal with this with all my outdoor grows lol I never measured nutes or water just winged it.

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
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