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  1. Hey everybody. I have a 400w hps light, and was planning on having five plants in about a 5x5 grow space. i also have about 3 25w cfls to use as well. Would that be enough light to yield about 5oz/plant? how much veg time would that take? also i may be developing a gnat problem, so any advise on that would help alot.
  2. you're not yielding 5 oz/plant without having EVERYTHING in check, hydro, co2, and god on your side. Sorry, 560g is not really doable under a 400w. Think more toward 10-15z's. 2-3 oz's is usually a good estimate. And you don't need to run only 5 plants in a 5x5 area, which wouldn't be a good idea anyway since a 400 only has about a 3x3 footprint.

    EDIT: Scratch that. You could yield 5 z's a plant but it'd be a bitch of a long veg time (10+weeks) with TONS of lst and a scrog. I'd just do the grow in 3 months and get 75% of the product. Anything more than that is kind of wasting time. Not to mention you can always clone throughout the grow, get more lights, another hid light, etc.
  3. well remember i have the cfl lights as kind of a boost. there are white walls, and im running the standard botanicare nutrient system. The strain is mango, and is known for high yields and responds well to topping and lst. Thanks for the help tho, im pretty new to this and it means alot.
  4. 5 oz a plant is a huge undertaking and as Kronikkk said, requires everything to be perfect.

    Your first few grows will probably only yield 20-40 grams, maybe a little more with extended veg times.... But if you have the time to perfect your skills it would be more beneficial to have more grows with less veg time so you have more chances to learn, tweak and modify your grow routine. 3-5wk veg should be plenty of time to get your plants capable of producing 2-3 healthy oz's.
  5. In a 5x5 space you will need much more light. A 400w does a 3x3 space. 600w will do a 4x4 space. 1000w would do a 5x5 space. A 600 would do a 5x5 if that's all you can afford, but it's not ideal, especially if you're expecting 5oz per plant!!
  6. Cool, thanks again guys. any help on the gnat problem? i know there are rinses to kill the larva and that sort of thing, but what works best?
  7. [quote name='"wizzardd"']Cool, thanks again guys. any help on the gnat problem? i know there are rinses to kill the larva and that sort of thing, but what works best?[/quote]

    IMO the best solution for gnats is a 1/2 inch of perlite on top of the soil. They can't reach the top to breed so they suffocate to death. Zero gnats if you do this ;)
  8. Thanks a bunch man! That's gonna be way cheaper than a $20 rinse, and I'm pretty broke right now.
  9. 5 oz a plant is asking a little much. Dont worry so much about how much your going to yeild. it's impossible to know how much you are going to get. it has to to with grow conditions, what your feeding it, how your feeding it, what type of light you have, genetics of the strain ... so many factors.

    focus more on the fundamentals and basics, and worry about your harvest when the time comes !

    good luck
  10. Ahhh green crack genetics!!! You better post up that harvest motherfucker :D
  11. The strain is either blueberry or mango, the caregiver i got the seeds from mixed them accidentally, so i got the seeds for less than a dollar each. I'm pretty excited tho, its the first grow that i have total control over. Its crazy addictive
  12. also - are you growing in soil? and how many plants do you have planted
  13. Its a soil grow, and I only have one plant right now, about 3 weeks old. I am buying a 400w light, ballast, and fixture for like $50 so i am going to start 3-4 more plants after i get it. right now my plant is in miracle grow seed starter soil, but I have a bunch of organic miracle grow soil that i will probably transplant into. I know about foxfarm soils though, so i might get a bag of that.

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