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  1. Just got a six plant hydro system from ebay, came with nutrients, ph up, ph down, ph testing kit, 250 cfl bulb with hanger and chains and whatnot, rockwool, hydroton, net pots, everything. I know from reading around on here that 250 watts CFL is NOT going to be enough light for six plants. I'm going to be starting out with bagseed i've collected from good mids I've gotten over the last month or so (too scared to order seeds), so I probably wont have six plants my first time around. I would use HPS but stealth is a huge factor here, and the less heat, the better. Will 2 400w CFL's be enough for my setup? I'm going to use the 250 watt and a few others for side lighting.
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    Hey there pReston!

    Theoreticaly yes... 800 watts of CFL should do the job but if I may suggest to get some sort of HID light? In the end... Its pays for it self...


    PLUS: 800w will produce a fair amount of heat....
  3. 800wats of cfl is brill for 6, they will produce alot of heat but cfls are easyer to cool down than a hps.
  4. I would go with an hps or something, but a decent one runs about $2-300 and I don't have that kind of money right now unfortunately. I just broke what little of a bank I have on my hydro setup. Is the heat from 800w cfl equivalent to the heat from 800w HID?
  5. pretty sure a hid at 800wats would atleast be 40% hotter than cfls.
  6. I got an all CFL setup. My opinion is: get more lights with less wattage, this way you can distribute light more evenly. And think about LST your plants, I did and the difference is huge.

    Good luck!
  7. I take the 400 watt cfls are equivelant watts?
  8. How many of what wattage CFLs would you recommend for six plants? Also, how can I LST with the hydroton stones and the net pot that just stuck down in the bucket? I'd like to LST my hydro plants. I've got a soil one that I'm LSTing right now as an experiment until the setup gets here.

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