400W, 600W or 1000W?

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  1. What's more ideal for you, say no more then 1200W?
  2. I use a 400W, but I grow in a closet so anything more than that is just overkill.
  3. What kind of a question is that?

    First off, something can't be "more" ideal -- it is idea or it isn't.

    The wattage of your lamp(s) depends on your needs, your space, and your ability to manage the heat they generate. If everyone here says that a 1000w is ideal for them that still doesn't mean that a 1000w is ideal for you.

    Use the strongest light you can get away with, meaning that you can afford the electric bill and can manage the temps. Using two of lower wattage can be a better strategy than using one of a higher wattage if you have a wider area to cover.

    FYI the 600 watters are in the "sweet spot" for giving the best lumens-per-watt, better even than 1kw.
  4. just bought some new hps lighting and tossed aside the cfls
    very knowledgeable owner at the grow shop sold my on 2 150 watt sun systems
    i was indeed looking at buying a 400 or 250 till he told me his 400's he had were fucking really heavy and needed to be ran off a digital ballast the 250 was pretty heavy as well then i explained my needs i little better and he sold me on buying dual 150 watters to put next to each other i can get them closer than the 400 they dont run nearly as hot i'm still packing 300 watts and a total of 36000 lumens plus they were on sale so i saved money spent 200 bucks for two. the 250 was around 260 dollars with no bulb included, the 150's i bought came with the bulb so just hang and go my knid of shit and man have my plants ever looked happeir

    perfect set up for my closet grow :smoke:
  5. I like starting under floros for 10 days or so and then vegging under 400mh. Switching to flower with the hps600's. 1000 was just too hot for my setup. Can get my plants closer to the 600, much closer. I always grow from seed and use anywhere from 1X600 to 3X600 and if I have to would add the vegging 400 in flower and have done so a few times. The curse of a lot of females from seed.
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    If you have nothing constuctive to say, then stay the fuck out of the post then ass
    Looks like many understood the poll, dick
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    Funny - alot of votes for 600W over 800W (2@400W)

    Personally Im running 250W worth of floros and 250W HPS

  8. :confused::confused::confused:
    Dude that was uncalled for

  9. Bullshit everyone else got it, mister high thread count is so bored he has to step in with his shit.

  10. Actually his post was informative, but you were too offended to notice it seems. This poll is tough because it really depends on so many variables. I mean if you have a 2x2 area you wouldn't go bigger than a 400 watt probably, but if you had 6x6 then the 2 600 watt would be great. You see what i mean? How many plants, veg time, training/no training, grow square footage, temperature issues? etc, etc, etc, etc.

  11. I don't see where you get off trying to speak for "everyone." I certainly don't agree with your interpretation, and I absolutely disagree with your responses. The only one who looks like a dick in this thread is you. Just drop it and you'll get more positive responses. Now back to it.
  12. RKKY .. you guys just got off on the wrong foot :) ... His info is dead on tho
  13. Ouch. Oh and the neg rep and private curse-word message were charming, thank you.

    I gave you some good info, nothing I can do if you don't appreciate it.

    Best of luck with your poll.
  14. You're a class guy Toastybiz............my utmost respect to you sir.
  15. Really its a personal question. I have the space, and I COULD use 6 1000W HPS, but...
    A) I cant afford 6 1000W hps lights & reflectors.
    B) I cant afford the electric bill that would produce
    C) For my 4 plants - it would be a bit of overkill.
    D) Ill leave the professional equipment to the professionals.

    Your poll is pointless, toasty was trying to be nice about it, and point out the obvious flaws in it, and you flamed him.
    For that..

  16. Hey why perpetuate the matter being pointless then, dip stick?
  17. I run a 600w HPS with 600w MH Conversion for veg tho it's nice =]
  18. I'll be getting the 600 HPS Gavita Grow Light System with the built in reflector
  19. RKKY
    I've been a dyed in the wool kinda 1K guy but have been using a 600 and I'm very pleased so far. If a 600 MH hit the market I'd be stoked (preferring mixed spectrum and all).

  20. this front plant is fucked up man. it looks like its growing out the edge of a bucket of sludge. you should have started with the buckets closer together with a reflective sheet of mylar hanging down around it all from the light like a tent atleast thats how i would take care of that

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