4000W Critical Mass Indoor Soil Grow

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  1. My new project is finally coming to fruition! Had some problems early on, but now I have everything rolling well. Here is the setup...

    4 1000w lights ventilated with two 900 cfm inline fans and two 900 cfm carbon filters. All plants are CM from Mr. Nice except for one Blue Widow freebie that is about two weeks away from the knife. Critical mass has been awesome to watch grow. Lots of phenos, and looks like they are going to yield like motherfuckers. One is a insane bush. They are about a month and a half behind blue widow on flowering time and are surpassing it already! I am pushing for 4 oz per CM and hopefully 2 oz on BW but who knows. I really think I can get more like 8-12 per plant with critical mass. Temps drop to around 70 during dark cycle and stay at about 83-86 during light cycle. Everything looks healthy besides some strange leaf burns that at first I thought were from nute burn but now I am starting to think they are a fungus brought on by low calcium which makes the cells in the leaves weak. Not sure though and its not a large problem yet, just a few leaves affected so far.

    I have a male and female together separated from the other plants for seeds. This is only my second grow, so lets hope all goes well and I dont have to pay for seeds again :) Last couple pics are the happy couple together. I took a female with a purple stem pheno to put with the male, but only because it grew too close too fast to the hps and got a little burned. I am hoping I can still get at least 1000 seeds. Any advice is greatly appreciated. GROW ON MY BROTHERS!!!!:hello::hello::hello:

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  2. The happy couple getting it on!

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  3. Sweet! I wish I had room to run 4- 1000 watt lights. Oh the possibilities.
  4. Looks great!


  5. Yeah it took a lot of money and a lot of work to get it all together. Come down this morning to inspect and turn the lights off and one of the ducts had blown off during the night! Temps were at 95! FUCK! ITs all good though they should be fine. Taped the duct back on and with lights off its already down to 75 but still blows. Blue Widow is fattening up nicely. So pumped to smoke it smells like fruit citrus with a touch of skunk to it. Any advice on the setup in the room? Am I having this problem with ducting because the setup could be better? Any help is apreciated. Just my second grow ever right now...its pretty overwhelming but then I just smoke a bowl in the room with the plants and its all worth it :)
  6. Excellent Set Up, you have Sir., I'm pulling the chair, because is always good to see a nice High Yield Strain like Critical. !

    Looking forward to see the more Bud Porn.

    I'm 5 to 7 days away from harvest is under my signature, my buds looks like Critical Phenos although she is a Bagseed. Maybe she is Critical cuz she is BIG.

    HappyGrowing :hello:
  7. Anyone have any idea of how much is too much of a temp change. Like if its 65 at night and 85 during light cycle am I going to stress the crap out of these? I can get the temp pretty close to whatever I want during the dark phase, and I was thinking about keeping it pretty low to try to bring out some color, but not at the risk of the smoke.

  8. U r in the safe zone my friend just enjoy and watch them grow.
  9. subscribing man, been waiting for a good critical mass gj!!
  10. Yeah first harvest wont be that crazy, just four plants total of Critical, but come end of december these smaller ladies should be ready and that will be nuts. Excited for the one plant though. Its in the pics, and from what I can tell its going to yield like crazy, looks like i have twelve colas that will all be bigger than blue widows main cola. Got some Lemon Bubba Kush to smoke tonight while I work with the ladies. See you tomorrow grasscity.
  11. Not sure if you all noticed, but I vented into the existing ducting in the house. This has made us be able to completely turn off the heat in the house. I am only running three of the four lights right now and I really think I am going to be able to keep the heat off all winter!! Offsets the cost by not paying for heating. I was pretty proud of myself. Check out the pic above it was easy to do.
  12. Also a question for anyone looking...I like to smoke in my room for a variety of reasons. Just wondering, if I smoke in the dark cycle and i use a lighter to see/smoke, will that light disrupt the plants? Its only the small flame from the lights, nothing else.
  13. Yeah I have heard of people heating their houses like that with great results. The lighter prob. won't have ant negative effect.
  14. You don't need seeds man just get a mother and clone!

    Also you never told us how many plants you have man. At 4-12 oz's I'm mad curious now what the yields gonna be like under 4 1000 watters. If you get a good .8g/w+ I'll be impressed.

    You runnin co2 btw? Heard it can make a significant difference in yield. Idk just somethin to look into if you got a large op and wanna get that extra pound or two.

  15. My most sincerly advice, do not smoke in the same room of your plants. Is just I like to keep everything sterile as posible, even the air, but hey that's just me looking out for your plants. :D
  16. I have a total of 19 plants right now. One is blue widow, all the rest critical mass. 11 are about two weeks into flowering, the others at about three weeks, but they vegged for 6 weeks. Critical Mass is a high yielder and I have a huge amount of air exchange, so I havent thought of doing co2 yet. If I did it would be with just some bottles and yeast or whatever. I have 2000cfm of air flowing through the room right now, not to mention the intake booster fan and the other wall mount fans. Air moves around pretty good in there. Why would smoking in there hurt the plants health?

    I think 6 or 7 ounces per plant is attainable with these. I cant believe how big and fast they grow. Critical Mass will be a keeper forever if the smoke is good. I have four other kinds of seeds on the way now too! ak47, kona gold, malawi gold, and black pearl. Will keep you guys posted!
  17. Someday I might clone, but I love doing it from seed for now. I really wanted to get a good feel for the plant and how it grows on my first few attempts. So for now, no lst, no scrogging, just big trees a natural. The convenience of cloning would be nice, but from seed I get a lot of variety, which I love. Right now from critical mass I got a lot of different phenos. Cant really do that with cloning. Also, I want to make my own strains, cross some crazy landraces and whatnot. My first grow was from bagseed and it was clearly from some accidental cross polination, and that weed was soooo crazy, soooo good that it made me want to just make a million new f1's:) So right now, I am just buying regular seeds and with each batch I am going to make seeds. Then I am going to cross those seeds I made with each other. Imagine critical kona, or malawi mass! Black AK etc the possibilities are endless! I am also planning on getting the last batch of Manga Rosa landrace from Luiz over at BSC (Brasilian seed company). Then I can really make some craziness happen.
  18. [quote name='"MaconhaMan"'] Why would smoking in there hurt the plants health?[/quote]

    Smoke is bad for plants...there are many reasons why.
    A little research online will give you tons of info on the subject.

    I also would highly recommend at least topping your plants.
    I have grown plenty without topping and the yields suck compared to a plant topped jut 2 times.

    The large yields you are reading about for those strains....that is with topping and or lst...not just letting the thing grow.
    Next time you veg do 1/2 topped and 1/2 left alone...you will see the difference yourself.

    Also co2 from yeast with that size grow....would be a waste of time and yeast.
    You want a co2 tank or a burner. They will be the greenest plants you have ever seen as well as crazy growth.
    Much more pest resistant, temp resistant, mold/mildew resistant....it's all positives...nothing negative about using it.

    Just some friendly advice.

  19. Sweet looking setuop man. If the duct keeps blowing off go to Lowes and buy some duct clamp rings that get tighter when you screw them and these things will not budge once secured unless you unscrew them. It's also easier and neater than tape.

    The smoking in the grow room is not a good idea not only because smoke can clog the stomata but also because during the dark hours even just a photon of light can disrupt the cycle and cause stress.

    Can't wait to see how this goes man!
  20. hope there no intake vent for the house in the pollination room! CLOSE ALL VENTS IN THAT ROOM!

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