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  1. Hey guys, so I just got everything set up in my room and now everything running well. I have 5 plants of each strain. On the left side I have Black '84 and Tahoe OG and on the right I have White Elephant and Mendocino Purple. These plants have been under 3 lights running at 50% (1500W total) so each plant was getting 75 watts. Yesterday an electrician came out and installed an 8 site HID hub so I have everything up and running at 4000W and the plants have shot up in the last 24 hours. I'm going to veg for 2 more weeks starting 18/6 this Saturday. I'll try to keep this updated frequently! Thanks guys!

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  2. Hey guys n gals. Today I went to 2 dispensaries and picked up some new seeds. I got Qush and Timewreck by TGA and some SinMint from Sin City. I'm going to start germing them today and keep them vegging for all of my flowering for my current room (8-9 weeks). I'm not going to be at the garden today, but I will post some pictures tomorrow. I have a little camera in the room so I can see if everything's healthy and not too hot. It's about 80F and 40% humidity in there right now so things are lookin nice.
  3. I'm subbed I want to see the babies grow.
    looking nice. :)
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  5. Yeah, they're running at 75% right now. I'll switch them to 100% for flower :)
  6. Subbed. I hope this journal has lots of pics!!
    Go 100% today , the plants will grow faster. I have a dimmable and never go less than 100%
    Why fuck around?
  8. Hey guys, so I just got to my garden and everything is looking awesome. I haven't been here in a day or two, so I was pleasantly surprised. I also got another pack of TGA seeds (9lb Hammer :wave: ) and I am starting to germinate 4 SinMint, 2 Qush and 2 Timewreck. I'm setting up my timer tonight, so this will be the first day of 18/6. I also realized that I forgot to go over what I have set up in my room. So I have 4 Heavy Hitter lights, 4 Badass Bulbs, 4 Xtreme Nano dimmable ballats, 2 big fans (idk what speed or whatever haha) and an Airotek filter. It was actually 84 degrees in the room when I got there today, so I had to do some readjusting. Also, the little runt that I included a picture of is getting a different kind of nutes, so hopefully it'll catch up a little bit. 

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  9. Oh yeah I forgot. I'm getting some supplies to make up a scrog tonight. Should be a pretty busy night haha
  10. Cool set up man! I like it a lot! I'm subbed. Liking what's going on for sure haha. I also like how clean you seem to keep your room. That is everything to me and some just don't seem to keep it a priority. :/. Keep it up
  11. Cool! Good luck you should post some pics after.
  12. Hey guys. So after a few hours of work and frustration, I finished setting up my room. I have 2 vents on my garage door that I hooked my fans up to. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392589833.893026.jpg I have some questions for anyone that can answer. My fans go crazy when plugged into my HID HUB and they overheat and only come on for about 20 seconds once every 10 minutes or so. So I just plugged them into a regular 120 with a surge protector and they're running half power. So is there something I can do to keep the internal temperature of the fans down? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392590021.771104.jpg
  13. Sorry about the messy cords btw
  14. I'm going to be heading back to my main garden tonight after I head to work and will post some pictures once I get there. I had to head over there last night at around midnight because I checked one of the cameras in the garden and it was 95. So I got there and one of the vents was blown right off so it was pushing all that exhausted air around the room. I managed to fix it up tho ;) ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392683613.806721.jpg
    I also wanted to include some pictures of my personal little 2 plant grow closet. These little ladies are Tangerine Power from SinCity Seeds. I also started to plant my germinated seeds in some rockwool, so hopefully those will get started soon ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392683762.233299.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392683780.100064.jpg
  15. Oh yeah, and these were all put in the room on the 1st, so they've been going for 17 days basically. I'm going to be vegging for another 2ish weeks, taking cuts next week and then flowering!!!!!
  16. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392770809.924151.jpg white elephant is lookin nice today
  17. I have 3 of those Black 84 in 5th week of flower that I got in Seattle. Buds are about half the size of the Blue Rhino that I grow but it is more crystalline.  They started growing straight up then got crooked after 2nd week of flower. Theyre very healthy but don't look like big producers. No sign of turning black either
  18. Do you have any pictures?
  19. end of 8th week is mar 6th

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  20. plant is about 24 inch's tall

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