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4000K or 6500K GROW BULBS?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by goodtimes1971, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. The 4000K light is many times cheaper than any 6500k bulb....(like $20 for a 4000K and $70 for a 6500K.)

    The 6500K has more "blue" spectrum.
    I want max veg growth.

    If on 12 plants grown fat (big) if the 6500K bulb will make a difference in size then I would go with two 6500K bulbs

    I already have the bloom bulbs sorted.

    thanks in advance

    (I already posted this, but I cannot find where it went???)

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  2. A 4k will work just fine.

    There are people that veg and flower with just an HPS. You can do it with a metal halide light too.
  3. That's awesome, the 4000K 1000W bulbs, UV protected are so cheap, and they have a long life span too. Thanks :wave:
  4. I Bought the caligrowkit at caligrowkits.com they sell great lights man
  5. I personally use 4100k's for veg and am quite pleased, i switched from daylights for no particular reason really. I am no pro so take w/ a grain of salt....:D

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