400 watt multi strain grow

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    pass is 420grow

    Were on window ledge for 2-3 weeks after germinating.

    Strains: NGSC's Dynamite, Nirvana's PPP, and DNA Gen. Rocklock and Sharksbreath.

    Some cheap potting soil from lowes, miracle grow ferts, and fish emulsion. Some of them got a little nute sore (like 4 of them). They were flushed and only fed with distilled water for the last 2 weeks of flowering.

    Dynamite- Amazing tasting (like grapefruits) and looking. Its a dense indica with medicinal benefits.

    PPP- had a few variations in this. one of them with the long nugs tasted like pine but had a sweetness, one of them had like a fruityness. All the phenos seen though are amazing, and thats without looking at their price. Loved the head high. ESPECIALLY the one PPP i harvested early--it had the crispest clearest head high!!!!

    Rocklock- This grew taller than I expected and started to foxtail. Had the earliest trich production, earthy natural smell and taste, harvested a bit early so the high was really trippy. Harvesting such a heavy indica early causes it to produce some really cool highs (if your a fellow psychonaut).

    Sharksbreath- The first thing I think of about this is the taste. Lambsbreath x greatwhiteshark is its genetics, explaining the taste and incredible high of this plant. White strains have such strong highs, and that really comes through in this strain. And lucky me, this one gave me a sexy little seed. New grow log is just starting on this one soon.

    Please forgive the bad quality! Next grow will have a better camera at end of flowering. The detail is what makes them, them. None of the pics I have do them justice. Each of them were top quality with swollen calyxs saturated with trichs. Really good genetics!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Was my first completed grow with cannabis :D; i have experience growing plants in general though. With that in mind this op was not as much as was expected, likely due to the half assing attitude which was used in this and not really controlling its growth and shape. Throughout flowering kept plucking off little nugs haha. Was fun, would find myself going to them sometimes and just sit there lookin at them. Chillin with them.

    Everyone should grow I think. I have actually convinced 3 friends to start themselves since i finished that first one.
  2. Wow, nice pics.

    Do you have an approximate weight of your dry yield?
  3. You realize you can upload the pics here, and they will be right in your thread instead of sending us to another site to look at the pics? Just saying that in case you did not know. Plus, its a bit safer to upload them here, then on a public pic hosting site like that.

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