400 Watt MH

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  1. High everyone

    I just got a new light..I found this little jewel at a yard sale..
    I had to get a bulb for $20.00 an the light cost me $25.00..
    I was shocked to find out the price..I will never find another deal like that again. Now I got 400 watts MH for veg period, an 400 watts MH for the 12/12 period an 200 watts MH for clones..I'm setup until I can find a HPS light..that would go real nice with my collection..:D
    I also got these cool fans, but I got to get a transformer to operate them..the fans run on 48VDC at .45 amps..they should really move some air..You all stay cool an grow great big awesome BUDZ..:D

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  2. thes ought to be some air movers..:D:D

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  3. these fans are 6'' in diametor

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  4. That's a high bay warehouse light...I use them...as an electrician,I will tell you that deal was a steal at 25 bucks...way to go.......

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