400 watt hps closet. Ventilation?

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  1. After much research and debate on L.E.D. lights, i have decided to go with hid's instead. The closet im growing in is 3 x 6 x 8 roughly 148 cf. During the day if the a/c is off it hits high 70's , low 80's with 3 flouro tubes and 2 fans. Its about to be freezing in the house for the lack of ch/a so it wouldnt be for long until the a/c is rendered useless.

    I guess i was just trying to see is if i run the hps would it be able to warm the room up to a good temp (temp was around 40 in the closet last winter). Ive only used cfls so i have no experience with the heat of hps. Would i still need to get a can fan and ducting anyway? I know i will have to during the hotter months but i was planning on crossing that bridge a little bit later.

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  2. I mean if you don't need it don't buy it but at some point those items def could be useful for your garden. I run a similar setup but bigger closet and I use a 400 cool tube and 150HPS and over 30k CFLS and my closet highest temp was 85. I keep air moving throughout my room. Though when my closet was that packed I also utilized a tent as well. If your plants can handle the heat they will be fine and for all those who havent seen this result my plants had some hot days in my first grow earlier this year and the half pound of smoke I harvested this summer was not affected. We were dumb high off our asses. Don't let temps peak over 90 degrees F is my honest suggestion and look after your temps at night anything above 55F is fine. Plants tend to turn a little color with those low temps. Anyhoo hope this helped.

  3. I probably have a similar closet situation to you, but a smaller growspace and im going to use a 250w HPS, LED, and CFL. What I did, which most probably cant do, is cut a small peice of the wall out, remove the fiberglass insulation, then drill 3 or so 1.5" diameter holes through the outside of the house (not through the siding). I then attached a 4" diameter flexible pipe from my in line fan to those holes, reattached a new peice of wall, and insulation. So all the heat (and smell) from my box goes straight outside....so the temp of the room will then be the temp of the air coming into the room.

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  4. bcherb...i was actually thinking of doing something of that measure. The closet im growing in was split into because our third bedroom used to be a living room/den area. If i cut a hole in both sides of the false wall and run some ducting through that then i could suck out the hot air into the next "closet". What cfm size fan did you use and how much did you spend. I really cant find one for under 120.

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  5. bcherb. good ol cold air intake idea. the thing is its about 9 inches of wall from my closet to the outside..Id need a hella bit to get through it, any suggestions?
  6. Your light will be sufficient during the light cycle but you'll want a small heater (make sure you get a safe one not a ghetto one with exposed coils... fire potential) for the dark cycle. They are only about 30 bucks for one with a thermostat, or if you get one without a thermostat, just buy a plugin thermostat. Just keep it around 50-60 and you should see a lot of purple emerge. Good luck buddy! SS

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