400 watt HPS closet autoflower grow NORTHERN LIGHTS BIG BUD

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    Hello all! I will be growing the following

    1x Northern Lights x Big bud autoflower
    1x Trans Siberian auto flower

    I have a closet I don't know the exact dimensions but I have pictures included! I'll be using

    400 watt HPS sodium at 2000k
    Cool tube
    1 12 inch oscillating fan
    1 6 inch oscillating fan
    XL reflector

    I plan on introducing an exhaust fan with a carbon filter with my next check

    I'll be growing in soil in 5 Gallon pots

    Temperatures in the room are about 74.5 degrees with the fans on and the light on full blast. I'll be using a 24/0 light schedule from start to finish. I have seen a lot of really good grows using that schedule and it would be most convenient for me.

    here are some pictures would appreciate all the advice I can get

    Thermometer with lights off - [​IMG]

    Full closet - [​IMG]

    full closet with light - [​IMG]

    cool tube - [​IMG]

    bulb - [​IMG]

    ballast - [​IMG]

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  2. Bump turns out ended up getting some different seeds

    They're still autos but now I'm gonna be growing

    1x Trans-Siberian
    1x Northern LightsxBig Bud

    under the 400 watt HPS now have a 6 inch inline fan exhausting air through the cool tube into the attic

    pics coming soon
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    My Trans Siberian seed came in the mail on Thursday it only took her two days to pop out a decent sized taproot so I went ahead and planted her in a 5 gallon bucket loaded with FFOF soil.

    She is currently under 4x19 watt CFLs and 1x14 watt CFL just for a few until I can buy another fan to pull cold air in from my attic (About 45 degrees up there )

    Temps in the room are a constant 76 degrees going as high as 76.8 and as low as 75.6

    Humidity is about 40%

    She has been watered with PHed water and is under a 24/0 light schedule

    Please leave me comments guys I am looking forward to grow some high quality medicine and would absolutely love expert advice!
  4. Seed in pot underneath CFLs

    Fan blowing across lights to reduce heat

    temp and humidity
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    Ok so I now have my complete grow setup ready :)

    Here are some pictures I have air coming in from the attic blowing through the cool tube (the air is cold and cools the bulb) and then out into the room. Also have an exhaust venting into the attic!!

    I have added a humidifier in there as well keeping it about 50% humidity

    Let me know what you think

    She is about 5 days old





  6. really nobody has any suggestions or anything :(?
  7. Looks like you have already done your hmework...if anything i would say hold off on the hps until plants are past the seedling stage...those cfls should be good for now if kept close enough.  and it seems like you know what ur doing...hps, cooltube, temp/rh stat, ventilation....keep up the good work and keep the updates happening.  
        if you post it..they will come!!
  8. Thank you! I learned a lot of stuff just from browsing the forums and checking out other grows :)

    I'm gonna lower the planet about another foot or so by taking it off the container so the HPS will be about 3 or so feet away until she's ready for the real lights hehe

    temps are a steady 71 with this new vent system I installed

    I wanna do a dark cycle on the plant but If I do so it might drop down to below 45 degrees so until I can get that figured out maybe with a heater or something
  9. Update she is 7 days old today :)

    Started adding in a couple of 1/2 strength grow nutes today the guy at the hydro store said he has had personal great success with this feeding schedule. Temps are still a solid 72 degrees with about 40 percent humidity

    Light schedule has been decided to stay 18/6 till harvest


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    Heres a video of the grow room!
  12. I have had that before. Mine just moved on and all of the new leaves formed straight and normal. I have also had some deformities that where they died but not that one. If it seems healthy I'm sure its totally ok like mine was. It's only the one plant right?? I think a nebula in my garden now did that. Don't worry it's cool I'm sure.
  13. guess what guys!!! I got a free alaskan thunderfuck seed :) we found it in a batch of some KILLER bud. (alaskan tf)
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    Update for ya guys I started to LST her and I bent her over then decided I am just gonna grow all natural for this plant so I pulled her back up and filled her wih more soil right under the first set of leaves (I'm sure she will be back pointing towards the light in a few hours)





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