400 watt CFL grow DWC Northern lights.

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  1. Well this is the first of hopefully many grow journals!

    The set-up

    1x Empty closet
    2x 125watt veg CFLs
    2x 200watt flower CFLs
    2x 20 liter bubble buckets
    1x crappy homemade c02 system

    The plants

    I'm growing two strains one is northern lights the other northern lights crossed with big bud. Both are nirvana.

    That pretty much sums up all the gear apart from meters and such.

    Any comments help/criticism appreciated!
  2. This was them at 13 days old

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  3. Day 16 was the day I encountered my first problem it was only with the big bud variant
    Turns out it was just lack of nutes.

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  4. This is That same plant 10 days later

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  5. This is the northern lights on day 26

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  6. Thats it for now I will try to update at least once a week

  7. They are looking healthy man, keep up the great work.:)
  8. Thanks man
  9. Damn dude. Looks great so far.
  10. Thanks alot man
  11. looking really good, keep us all posted!

    +rep :hello:
  12. Don't worry I plan to!
  13. nice lookin plants. The gravel seems to be working great as a medium. Good luck on your journey to a good harvest. :)
  14. Thanks alot

    The medium is quite bizzare I think its actually made from plaster lol but it does the job.
  15. Just a quick update for you guys on day 29.

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  16. I forgot to mention this will be a SCROG grow!
  17. giggity giggity...cool !:cool:
  18. Quagmire? haha Hope you stay tuned!
  19. i'll be here:smoking:
  20. My friend gave me three northern lights X big bud seeds the day after I posted on here. What are the chances of that? lol Im gonna buy a camera soon and start my journal up again. It'd be cool comparing the same strain in soil with your hydro. I'll let you know when I get the camera.

    Your plants are beautiful and you seem to be having no trouble with nutrients or ph as of yet. You have already done better with hydro then my last attempt. :) Keep up the great growing.

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