400 watt 9 plant yield

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hkg13, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. in my experience......and ive been doing this for 67 years now;) ::: less is more when it comes to # of plants (specially under 400
  2. I agree, I get more from two plants then I did from ten (under the same lamp). I can always learn more.
  3. Rumple, thought id just say thanks. ( followed your clone machine tutorial awhie ago)

    I love it, had 100% success rate so far (fingers crossed) so thankyou!
  4. yeah I'm aware that two plants would be optimal, the reason I have that many plants is for variety.... a bunch of different clones, a variety of buds. I'm hoping to get things dialed in with fewer large plants for the highest yield later on... (just started again)
  5. The first plant I ever grew weighed well over 25 pounds... Then I removed it from the five gallon bucket full of soil. The disappointment was epic :(.
  6. I would have been frustrated too, to only weigh one plant in around a few pounds
  7. lmao!!!!:d
  8. lol dude stop posting after someone exposed his 20 year lie.
  9. Epic thread is epic.

    What a douche he was. Ragging on rumple when he's had far superior harvests. OPs ip should be banned so he never returns.

  10. really? I have a 6 plants under a 400 watt in a 4 x 4 tent with 150 watts of supplemental light from florescents that i turn on only when it's cool enough to do so. so 550 watts. the plants were topped/vegged more/longer than i wanted to but I'm still looking to get 228 grams (8 pz - 1/2 pound)

    I'll be happy with .5 grams a watt! :smoke:
  11. Wow that was some funny shit. I only read the last page of thread and was so confused I had to go start at the beginning.
  12. Same here lol.

    .5 grams dry / watt is good, I got a little less than that my first solo grow...the more the better though! 1 gram / watt is what I'm trying to achieve.

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