400 watt 9 plant yield

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  1. :O sounds great. is your lighting LED? I just got 3 75watt grow lights and plan on growing 4 plants in a corner of a room. First time grow so I hope its worth it
  2. Hid, I've never experienced led,s
  3. It kinda is.
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    I'm gonna take criticism from someone who calls themselves foreskin, what a joke
    Anyways, u kids gotta grow up a bit,
  5. You should weigh the rootball and the container if you are going to weigh the budz wet. Your number will be a lot higher that way.
    Rumples name is cool and he ain't no kid. Take his advice if you want to do it right next time.

    Weigh'n your budz wet is a funny rookie thing to do, but I must admit, I did it on my first harvest as well. So don't feel bad, your still cool with me.
  6. if you have close to 400 grams dry weight you did about as good as you could with a 400W. 1gram per watt is the best you can do.
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    First off rumples name is immature, second I've always done it right for the last 20 years so I don't need to listen to someone named foreskin for advice, third I'm not looking to be cool with u so ur opinion here is nit needed,

    Damn kids

  8. 8 Oz is 224 grams, with a 400W light you should be getting around 350 grams. Need a little bit more dialing in before your good.

  9. Damn 20 yrs just to get 224Grams off a 400 watt light. Ive been growing for 2 years and i can get over 520 Grams off a 600 watt. 1 watt should equal 1 gram.
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    Basic math:
    600 is greater than 400,
    Think b4 u speak and people will listen,
    But then again u know best,
  11. i have the 400w/ 9 spot setup. hopefully i'll yield more than 1 oz per plant... I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't, for not figuring out how to do that yet (i'm nearing the end of my first year growing)
  12. It is pretty immature to not take someone advice based off of their name.

    Specially since all he said was it is a waste of time to weight wet weed....

    You seem pretty full of yourself & your skills when your not even meeting your full potential with that amount of light.

    This site it meant to help people. Maybe you should pull your head of of your ass and not act like a snob when someone is just offering advice.
  13. Why you being so hard on ol Rumple? I'm sure it's not his real name (as if your name here matters). He grows with the same 400 watt lamp, you might want to see how he does it before you start dissin him (blows yours aways to da tenth power).

    You have not learned anything? Ever?
    No one growing for 20 years weighs his buds up wet (not fooling me my brudda).

    I think it niz needed [​IMG]
  14. I just want to point out, You guys are not including in any of this "math" how long you veg/flower your plants for.

    Some people do a 6 week/6 week...some do it by height.

    Everyone grows bud differently.

    As long as you're not growing mexican swag it's all good, trial and error.
  15. Remember, we all can see your other posts here on the forum.

    20 years goes by pretty fast in your world.
    Busted! So this is your first harvest. Its cool, I did the same mistakes (other then lying about growing for 20 years).
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    LOL yay for this guy.. U can't clean your cache/history here...busted teehee

  17. Its not about being bigger or smaller, its about im using my light more efficiently than you are. you are getting about .5 grams per watt, im getting .8 grams per watt. basic math.
  18. I've been growing for 21 years and never once thought to myself to weigh it wet.
  19. Yeah I weigh how much water i put into the plants, you know just to get an estimate on yield.
  20. and the OP never returned....

    ahahahah, seriously though WHY LIE?>>>>

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