400 W in a 600 W unit?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by IgnatiusReilly, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Hello, everyone. Trying to plan out my new grow space and wasn't sure which light to get. Figured it's always best to get the biggest light I can, but I wasn't sure about the heat it'd put out for the space I want to use. I was wondering if I went ahead and bought a 600 Watt light and it turned out to be too hot, could I put a 400 W light in the same unit? I know this is fine with everyday lights. (I can put a 40 W bulb in a 75 W lamp.) I'm just not sure given the ballast and everything if that would cause some sort of problem. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  2. 400w bulbs should be only run with 400w ballasts.

    Same goes for the 600.
  3. exactly right.

    You could check out the dimmable ballasts out there that can run a 400 or 600w. They're a little more expensive though.

  4. This /\ :cool:
  5. Ahh...that's kinda what I figured. So, actually, I should err on the side of smaller? The more light the better, but I'm guessing too much heat will shut the whole thing down completely. I mean, plants won't grow at all if it's too hot, right?
  6. I think you have good logic there. I'm not sure the differences in heat between a 400 and a 600, but if you cant control heat well then yea, 400 would probably be more in your intereest.

  7. tell us what you're doing....:ey: how much space do you have?? what kind of venting?? from what I understand from your post... well hell I'm not sure I understand what you're doing at all.....

    Me I would buy more light and fix the venting to handle it....:cool:
  8. Well, I've got a metal cabinet that I wanted to convert into a grow cabinet that's about 3' Wide x 2' deep x 4' tall. I've never grown before, so I was going to just stick with soil. I was thinking of using a 6” Air King Circulation Fan with a 600 watt light, but I wasn't sure by the time I put in insulation/reflective material in and with it being metal to begin with if that would create too much heat. What do you guys think?

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