400 w hps in a small room.

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  1. I have a scrog in a 2x1.5x9 foot room and vegging right now. I'm about to buy an hps, but what should I go with? 250 watt or a 400? I know the 250 would do good in a small space, but I want to get the biggest yield. So maybe I could go with a 400 watt hps. I just want to know if the 400 would be over kill.

    Cooling isn't an issue. I have different cfm fans for any light. If I bought the 250 i'd use a 200 cfm inline fan, and if I go with a 400 then i'll use a 6" 435 cfm inline fan.

    I also have an inline reflector to use with the fans.
  2. 9 Feet high? If it's 9 feet high I would section it off into two sections with a shelf. And then use two 400w
  3. Hi...

    While a 400 might be overkill (usually a 400 in a 4 X 4 space), you have enough height in your room to move it up higher if needed. If you ever plan on increasing the size of your room, you'll be happier that you got the 400 over the 250. And it sounds like you have the heat issue covered. I would vote for the 400.

    Good Lock

  4. you will be just fine mate trust me hehe,,my closet is like 7 feet high and 3.5 foot by 3.5 foot square and also 6 plants in there and there doing fantastic,like whobeboo said just move it a little higher.nice air circulation is also a must check out my babys in there lil closet ;):D

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  5. Personally, this is the last thing I'd do. I'm using a 400w in a 19" X 34" X 69" and I would die to have 9 vertical feet to work with.

    If you can properly ventilate your space with a 400w hps I'd go for it. Depending on your house temps (assuming this cab is in your house) you might end up needing to use both of the fans you mentioned. The 6" inline to cool the bulb/reflector and the 4" to exhaust directly from the cab.

    Heat was an issue for me in the summer months until I installed an additional exhaust to supplement the 6" inline/cooltube I was already using.

    My Vote: 400w :)
  6. I too would also kill for a 9 foot ceiling. The only reason I suggest splitting it into two different sections of 4.5 feet is a 400w will not throw much useful light 7 feet downwards. Pretty much you could grow a giant plant in a 9 foot space, but only the top leaves would be usefully feeding it.

    Just my two cents.
  7. I agree with the others that the benefit of a 400w vs. 250w is clear, the only real issues are heat management and the electric bill (though only about $10-$15 more per month). If you can handle both of those then go for the 400w.
  8. I also think 400 is an awesome idea with 9 feet to work with the 250 wouldnt penatrate like the 400 better yet 430!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Is equivalent wattage with CFL just as good? I was using an HPS but just switched to CFL and noticed a huge drop in temperature. Say I decided to put 400 watts worth of CFL's do you think it would be the equivalent of 400 watts with HPS or is HPS superior to CFL's?
  10. Thanks everyone. I don't think heat will be a problem. I have all tile floors and trees shading my house so it stays around 70 or cooler during the summer.

    I just ordered the 400w hps
  11. CFL's run colder per bulb usually. But then you end up running more bulbs and more connectors etc to make up the lumen difference. If you can afford to get the HID gear, go with HPS/MH instead in my opinion. Makes things a lot easier.

    But then again, if you like to tinker and customize stuff you can't be the ease of mounting options that come with CFLs.
  12. Yea the CFL's cool incredibly, Sure the HPS is a lot easier but you can also be fucked if it burns out. My temps were 90-97 with the HPS lamp on and now they are at 78.8-81.
  13. do they make a reflector hood that small?

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