400 w Alum Bat Reflector vs. 1000 w Cool Tube Reflector

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by engneer, May 6, 2011.

  1. Which do you think would be hotter and by how much?

    I'm currently keeping a 400 w cool and want to upgrade to 1000w. I've read they are MUCH hotter then 400 w. I was thinking that if I'm keeping a 400 w with no venting cool I should be able to keep a vented 1000 w cool.

    Any opinions?
  2. That depends on what type of ventilation you plan on cooling the 1000 with.
  3. using a cool tube vented with a high powered inline fan into my attic.

    I'm running a 400 watt with a bat reflector and no ventilation.

    A 1000 watt in a cool tube, vented with a high powered in line fan shouldn't be any hotter then an unvented 400 w bulb, right?
  4. 150W hydro farm CFL with open reflector was heating up my tent slightly higherthan 600W MH light in air cooled reflector....
    But 400W settings and 600W settings (Lumatek ballast with Digilux bulb) with same set up(mine) makes only 3 degrees F (1.5C) difference)....
    I can be wrong, but my guess 1000W in air cooled reflector with 450 cfm or so inline fan should not get hotter than your current light...

  5. I'm really thinking the same thing. I still have to do my taxes and I think when I get my refund I'm going to bite the bullet and pony up the $400 it will cost for a 1000 watt air setup.

    We'll see. Anyone else get an opinion?
  6. Just in case go with dimmable ballast, in case if temperature gets out of control you can always lower it to 600W.

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