400 HPS sunmaster

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  1. 400 HPS sunmaster has ne 1 used 1 of these or know if they r ne good please tell me
  2. Theyre decent. I bought a 400 watt MH to use with my digital ballast when i first bought it before i could afford hortilux. It was only $30 and my plants seemed to like it. The spectrum is a little more tuned for growing than your average cheapo bulb and the chick at the hydro store recommended it to me as "the best cheap bulb you can get." Id assume if the MH is ok the HPS works too.
  3. I really haven't seen enough evidence to convince me that i should be spending $100 on a hortilux bulb. I mean same spectrum, same color temp, same lumen output, same life expectancy but 3 times the price......
  4. i used to think the same think. i loved the $10 bulbs on ebay but one day the guy at the hydro store sold me one for like $35 and i will never use anything else if i can help it. And btw on the $100 bulbs the spectrum is nothing like cheap bulbs. Thats why the color temp doesnt really matter. Theyre multi spectrum bulbs and they cover alot of blue and alot of red. totally worth it but im not by any means saying its a must have for everyone. try it see what you think... you can get em online for $65.
  5. so do u think i should get the sun master or not
  6. yes unless you can afford and desire a better bulb, not a problem at all with a sunmaster. Try to find one with a warranty if you can(always good to have insurance) but sunmaster will give you great plants.
  7. wat would be a betta bulb then and wat would produce betta plants im lookin for a complete set up and tent
  8. a 400 watt nextgen digital ballast with a hortilux super hps is what i use. that ballast is the gold standard for lighting and hortilux is the best bulb company imo. It will set you back about $400 though. digital ballasts are amazing imo and the hortilux super hps actually has enough blue light that you can veg under it much more efficiently than you can a regular HPS.
  9. wats up with a normal ballast
  10. the absolute cheapest place to get a ballast ive ever found is waterpijpen, waterpijp, vloeitjes, bongs, hasj pijpen, headshop - Grasscity.com i know this guy in real life and his shop is super cool. He builds and warranties his ballasts himself and having owned several when i was starting out, they work great. low quiet hum, not too hot, and pretty small and compact(even for a 1000w). 400w is like $100 bucks i think with a decent bulb. Standard ballasts though are pretty simple and therefore usually reliable. Id honestly buy the cheapest i could find as long as there was a decent warranty that accompanied it(1 year atleast but you can usually find some with 5 yrs). Any reliable ballast will have a warranty as long as your buying it from a legitimate dealer.

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