400 hps questions as well as SOG

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  1. ok, I have a 400 watt hps and a homeade aeroponic system witch holds 8 plants i also have an entire full bathroom deticated to flowering i am just wondering how many plants i can get to flower under the 400 watt (besides the 8 in the aeroponic system) and what is the fastest way to get this done? i know i ned to be patient but i would like to keep the ball rolling as fast as i can

    thank you all
  2. also wondering what the difference is btween the 18-6 sceduale and the 24? i thought giving the plats a break and simulating nature was better was i wrong?
  3. The 400w HPS is a great light, but I wouldn't go with any more than the eight plants you have. You will get better results staying with a smaller amount of plants. The 18/6 and 24/0 light cycles is really a matter of personal preference. There are two valid sides to the argument, just do what is easier for you. If you are impatient, just veg them for a couple of weeks and switch to 12/12 for flower. Not really any other quicker method.
  4. even if the 8 plants are all in 1 tupperware? (the aeropinics system) what is a resonable size to start the flowering? how many do you think i could do with another 400 watt or a track?
    also, anone have knowledge using fox farm nutes? whenever i use a full strength solution it burns the plants

    thank you
  5. fox farm products are all pretty=good but, if you take any advice take this, --DO NOT EVER USE FULL STRENGTH WITH ANY NUTES to start out, most will badly burn your plants. i use a 1/3 or a 1/2 to start and then keep it there and maybe slowly increase.. but seriously im not the only one who will tell you to never use full strength! oh and go with more watts not a light mover if your gonna spend cash!
  6. I have 18 clones in my veg room right now and their gunna be flowering under a 400hps
  7. Don't listen to the eighteen plants guy, sorry man, but you will get a better product and consistency using less plants and not more. eight is even more than I would use, but if they are going to be little plants 8 is fine. If you are going for bigger prettier plants I might consider scaling back to 4 plants even, but I definitely wouldn't add more to a 400w system. Just my opinion.
  8. so if i get my other 400 watt light i can expect to be able to flower my 8 plants effectivly?
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    hi every1 i need abit of help,im growing in a 1.5m2 by 7ft tall grow tent with canna coco a and b witha 4oow growlight and my plant is abt 5 feet tall,just started flowering and im just woundering how much yeild i could rufly expect.thers abt 20 stems coming of it that all reach abt 5ft,i no its a dumb question but just woundering if any1 could help,many thanx guys,this is wot it looks like at the min.

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