400 hps, organic, 2 indicas and 1 sativa

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  1. gardensafe organic potting soil
    2 unknown indica bags and one sativa bag
    closet about 4 by 8
    really making sure the ladies are getting there air. have had some leaves die but the newer fresher ones are looking lush. trimmed the dead ones off. week 2...
    pics below...

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  2. looking good so far. ill be watchin this grow mature for sure! keep up the progress :D
  3. thanks dude. any tips you can give me about keeping leaves from browning and dying/
  4. usually seedlings brown due to high heat levels, overfeeding to early or ph problems. Are yours browning? I didnt see any signs in the pics
  5. i clipped all the brown ones off daily.
    it was definitely high heat and over feeding, because my ph is perfect. cool dude that helps a shit load
  6. seeing some progress. one of them has completely stopped. pics...

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