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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jonasblue, May 23, 2006.

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  1. Ok so my plants are just vegging right now. I get my paycheck on friday :) . First thingI am doing is buying that 400w hps light sysytem. They got a shitload on ebay for dirt cheap. Can I veg my plants with hps? Is that even better than cfl? I need input asap. Man my plants are doing pretty good with only 2 40w cool lights with a chrome reflector. Ok should I have 2 fans by my grow area- one for blowing cool air in and one for taking the heat out? Does a air fillter help at all? ANd last but not least how many plants could I grow with a 400w hps? Does it depend on the amount of space I have? I plenty of space for gorowing upwads but I want to have my plants low as possible. I am gonna put a grow journal up soon when I get my hps lights.

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  2. HPS is definetly an improvment over cfl and will work through your entire grow. Your main concern once they\'re up is heat however, make sure you can provide proper ventalation to still keep the right temps and you should notice your plants growing faster then they already are. Also figure you want at least 50 watts of light per plant so you could grow a good 8 plants under a 400 watt. Ofcourse you could add more but the more watts per plant the better growth you\'ll see. Good luck:)
  3. Get the 400w hps. If you mean pc fans then make them both blowing out for an exhaust and make a passive intake at the bottom of the box. With a 400w hps i recomend you get a vortex blower . (http://discounthydro.com) Yes a filter helps with smell , you can make a carbon filter yourself for cheap. And IMO you can grow up tp 8 plants with a 400w hps.
  4. wat are you doing bagz are you trying to break his pockets I like DH like evryone else but they kill on vortex and carbon filters heres a goodlink www.cheaphydroponics.com theres also good combo deals here www.mdhydro.com/charcoal but you cant use money orders here just credit cards thats why I built my own Filter and got my fan from CH
  5. If you are looking at the 400 watt HPS consider the 400 watt MH/HPS switchable. It is what I would get if I had it to do all over again.
  6. I didnt even know about them..:) thanks im going to buy mine from them now.(+rep)
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