400 HPS all the way?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by strikeitrich, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. I am probably going to purchase or find.. :) ..a HPS light. I hear alot about people giving their plant a MH light for flowering period, or maybe it was other way around. From a 400watt HPS light what kind of result am i looking to achieve. If i used a white widow variety, for instance, would it be strong enough to knock my head off...as I am quite a heavy weight smoker now.
  2. MH = Veg
    HPS = Flowering... although it can be used from germination 'til completion...

    white widow is some good buds... one of my personal faves :D
  3. I have a 400 hps light and i started from seeds and its going great . So YES HPS lights can be used for the compleate grow cycle

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  4. can u juz use flurescant lights from veggie to germination, or only in veg stage?
  5. erm..yep to which ? :p
  6. Styles bro just use the 400 the whole time MH or floros are allittle better spectrum at the very begining but.... in the end save your money for seeds and just use the 400 watter all the way you will be happy with your results!

  7. yep you can use flouros for almost the entire grow if you want...you've got vegging and germination backwards though, unless you meant flowering. When you switch to 12/12 (flowering) you would need an HPS to get good buds.

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