400 Grams wet What will it be dry?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by gene simmons, Dec 27, 2012.

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    I have about 400 grams wet of Nirvana Northern Lights, it has already dried for 24 hours. What do the good people of GC think it will weigh dry?
  2. A pic of it all together.

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  3. The pile is big..
  4. Thats it? Its 400 grams wet and it has been drying for 1 day. i thought it loses like 50% of its weight
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    More like 75-80%.

    Still, legit NL is a personal favorite :smoke:

    Dried an cured properly that's still gunna be a nice stash. Look at the glass half full haha
  6. I find its about 2/3-3/4 in weight lost. I had a 32g plant end up being 8g. It was shitty bagseed genetics, so it may be different. Expect a Qp(112g's) and be happy if you end up with 6 zones. Ya know?
  7. Yeah true thanks guys. ill let you know what it turns out to be. When i weighed it a few hours ago it was 402gs. I'm hoping for 6 or 7.
  8. I say 5 zips after you pull all the sticks out of there. Either way that's some good meds you got there... Good luck Bro
  9. why didnt you tell us man hahaaa
  10. What's the point in weighing wet weed?
  11. 1/4 of wet weight, rule of thumb.
  12. 400g .....65g - 100g is my bet
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    I'm guessing around a quarter pound, maybe 5 oz. The flowers will lose 70% of their weight from drying.

    EDIT: Those are some nice coupons too.
  14. the op could tell us because it would be long dry now but i guess he's not revealing hahaa
  15. ohh far out..I didn't notice the necro, and I'm usually pretty good at spotting em .:wave:

    shit I bet it's done smoked by now.

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