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$400 for an oz?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ownabear, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I was going to buy an oz, but $400 seems like a lot but I don't really know. I usually get a gram of mids/highs for $20. Is $400 good for an oz, I am sampling it this weekend I don't know how goo this stuff is yet.
  2. i get an ounce for $190- 240 for high mids to og kush and i think its overpriced, you are definatly getting ripped off
  3. That's a lot for an ounce. Idk what prices are around you though

    It better be killer stuff thats for sure
  4. that sucks , im getting 65 an o here

  5. Regs/Mids.

    OP, that hurts. I would never pay over 280. I can only hope you get some super flame.
  6. I drove some kid to pick up an ounce once. He paid $180 for some really good shit and even a little Mr. Nice guy. Fucking weird though cause I bought an 8th off him half an hour before for $50
  7. Ur paying 20/g for high mids? Wtf man ur getting ripped right there if its not top shelf its not 20/g
  8. Do the math yourself, man. 20 bucks a gram times 28 grams is... 560. so thats pretty outrageous.
  9. i get an ounce for 175-200$
  10. WAYYYY overpriced dude
  11. $400 is a bit overpriced, but it's not like it's outrageous.

    In a lot of places the average is about $300.

    If you know the dealer well, or are buying from a dispensary or something, it should be less.

    As yes, it should be very, very good.
  12. East Coast prices suck balls. BAD.
  13. a little pricey in my opinion my man...just my .02
  14. If you're on the east thats low for an oz of dank. Oz around here generally go for 450-500 depending on what it is. Cheapest i've seen was in NYC and it was $370 an oz.

    IDK why everyone is saying he's getting ripped off. We dont all live in medical states, shit gets pricey.
  15. 400 is a rip off for anywhere

  16. $200 is a rip off technically. But like the guy that posted above you, around $400 is a fairly normal price for certain areas.
  17. $400 isn't a rip off for certain areas, but it better be very good. $300-$350 is more average.
  18. Depends on your local man.. here in the windy city 350-400 is the norm unless you know a grower.
  19. $400 is good or bad depending where ur at m8, further south u go th cheaper it gets. if ur getting g's for 20 then 400 is ok, just make sure it weighs 28, bring a scale mayb
  20. Or maybe he, ya know, lives in a place where he gets weed really cheap. Again, prices vary from place to place. Just because you have a certain price in your area, doesn't mean the next area will be the same. They usually aren't.

    That being said, just on principle, I wouldn't pay 400 for a oz. I'd rather buy smaller if that was my only option.

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