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400 A zip of Purp?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fuzee, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I have this purp kush i believe it is, but it smells hella strong with the lavender smell like most purps have. It has several orange hairs and purp all over it. But is 400 an O reasonable if its some true dank purp, which it is? (sorry i couldnt upload pics cause my phone camera is fuken awful, so id wud be worthless to even bother)
  2. Cool story.

    I have the best weed in the world. Just a few thousand pounds. I can't upload pictures though. :rolleyes:
  3. If that's you're only dealer do it. $400 oz's are pretty standard for people that don't know anyone.
  4. seasoned tokers? 400 a zip? wow people getting ripped off.
  5. i just spent 100 for a half of some no name purps. its good, but not purple kush good. 400 is definitely a good enough deal, but post pics or it didnt happen.

  6. 400 is a bit much, but it ranges in different areas.
  7. Don't get me wrong, $400 for an oz is an absolute ripoff, but if you don't know people you don't know people...
  8. pretty steep imo. are you for sure its legit purp?

    and this belongs in the apprentice section, not seasoned.
  9. Lavender smelling purps? All purps I've had smelled almost spicey.

    Anyway... I live in the shit of all shit areas, South Carolina, where it's $120 a quarter...

    and even here, we don't pay $400 for an onion. I wouldn't... regardless of strain. It's a plant.

    But hey dude, if you think you got what you paid for, then that's all that matters.
  10. I pay 90 for a zip of beasters :devious:
  11. umm yah its beasters lol
  12. we paid 320 for a bag of purp and to be honest i wasent impressed. it was real purp, deep purple with dark orange hairs but i've smoked better weed before. we smoked the first bowl with hash, thats how you do it
  13. i live in pa and thats about the price for a zip of purp here
  14. i live in south carolina 2 orangeburg what part 4 u stay in
  15. location location location ....

    400 a Z for some mad good shit in NY sounds right

    who knows where OP is from though, so you can't really say hes getting ripped off
  16. I really wouldn't even think about paying over $325 an oz for anything.

  17. your right... prices depend on your location. But when im paying 240 a zip for DANK PURP, $400 sounds insane.
  18. that price is fair you could slang that all day in the south
  19. Yep, zip of some purp goes for 300-400 in the south
  20. yes i live in ny, and ive been going to this same dealer for about 6 months so far and i know him kind of well.

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