400-600 watt difference?

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  1. Hey all,
    Up till now I've been running a 400 watt setup equipped with 183 cfm fan with scrubber, 6" cooltube, 4x4x7 tent,
    Promix medium and GH nutes which i have to say I think r great,
    I've averaged Max 7 zips with 9-10 plants under this,
    My question is how much of a difference in yield would an upgrade to 600 watts be, I plan on a smaller amount of plants this time around, maybe 6 in a 600 watt setup
  2. ver much difference and not much heat difference 600 wat is more ideal and you shall get at least 9 or 10
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    That would have been my next question was the heat issue,
    9-10, was hoping more but I guess thats an improvement none the less,
    I've read people hitting upto 12-16?
  4. If your looking for more yield per plant, then veg your plants longer. I get between 3 to 4 per plant with a 600watt in a 4'x4' tent. I only do 4 girls at a time. It's all about the veg:)
  5. Typically I like to veg for 4 weeks no longer, seems to be my fine point
  6. A 400w supports strong bud growth with four 5gal buckets (2x2 plants in a 2.5' x 2.5' x 2'tall area) and a 600w supports strong growth with nine (3x3). Saying nine total plants or just five more than with a 400w doesn't sound like much for a 600w. However, when you say that the 600 produces 2.25 times as much as the 400w while using only 50% more power, it sounds much better.
  7. So Im looking to use a 3x3 tent that brakes down to 40x40x78.

    So 600w should be no problem in that space?

    What kind of heat difference is there between 400 and 600?

  8. Yes. A 600w covering nine 5gal buckets would be perfect in that area. The light from a 600 reaches about 4.5' from the bulb. Needing 15" from all plant parts at all times (only if heat is not an issue), it'll support plants a little over 3' tall.

    A 600w should make about a third more heat than a 400w of the same age.
  9. Thanks for the reply.

    Now if the room temp is from 70 to 75 should that be enough to keep the tent cool?
  10. Good luck fitting 9 plants in a 3'x3' tent...lol
  11. 4x4x7 tent and I barely squeeze in 8 in 5 gal buckets,
    Goodluck indeed as it only leads to problems, poor air circulation, stress etc,
    My philosophy is less is more along with sum general know how
  12. Less is more, for sure. I have the same size tent 4"x4' with a 600watt and 5 plants is max in there. There is not a single inch of space not being used in there. I will do 4 at a time from here on out.

  13. thanks for the good faith, i don't know about the OP but...

    i'll do my best... I'm hoping to also fit an oscilalting fan or two in there as well.

    stop by my journal in the organics section and check it out (coming soon)

    and my space is 31''x31''
  14. Wait until you have to water 9 plants in that small space. I have to pull out my front 2, just to water the others. No big deal when there little, but when there 4ft tall and full of colas, it's tricky...lol I do wish you luck and I will keep an eye on your journal.
  15. Ya I poked out my eye with a cola once trying to lean over sum 4 footers to try and water, I once put 8 and never ever again, no room to work
    Btw my eye was stuck shut for 2 days
  16. That's some funny shit right there....lol Going to start wearing safety glasses in the tent..lol It's nice to have a little room to work with.
  17. I found in the past that leaning over is less effective than squatting and leaning through the stalks under the main colas. Does take some effort but reduces risk of chopping branches or spilling water on the buds.
  18. No.

  19. Then what temp should the room be at?

    Could also go with a 400w?
  20. Sometimes "less" is "more."

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