$400.00 paycheck

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  1. what would you do buy 400 worth of mids or 400 worth of dank? idk what to do i really love dank but i finish that shit in no time flat so what would you guys do?
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    Osheaga festival tickets, an external hard drive, lots of booze and some weed. lol

    I would go with the dank...
  3. probably should save some for rent and food unless your living with your mommy
  4. I'd buy an 2 ounces of mids 100$, and the rest on good shit. I'd smoke the good shit, then if I felt like just smoking I'd smoke some mids.
  5. Save the money. Theres a recession going on.
  6. Theres always something wrong with the economy lol. ;)

    I would buy a shit load of dank, thats just me though. :smoking:
  7. If I got a $400.00 pay check the first thing I would do would be look for a new job.

    I couldn't live on $400.00/week.
  8. Indeed. True.

    I guess being a grower i don't see the logic in spending 400$ on weed.:p
  9. No shit. Although in his defense if he's looking to spend it all on weed he probably has a decent setup at the moment. Or at least I hope so.
  10. Quality
  11. Lucky you man lol, hopefully Ill be in the same shoes one day. :smoking:

    I only make like $600 every other week and I seem to get by just fine lol.

  12. weed will get you through times with no money better then money will get you through times with no weed,,, i forget who said it but its true
  13. Are you out of your fucking mind? What kind of job do you have right now, that's bringing in over $400 weekly?

    I know people right now that work 35 Hours a week for under $250.

    Are you not aware of the economic situation we are in right now? That the majority of people are unemployed, and companies are still laying people off daily? Assuming that the OP has no college degree, and isn't working full time (40+ Hours a week) then I'd say he should be damn happy to be raking in $400 weekly.
  14. I'm not bashing here because I know a lot of people out there have it worse. Hell, I have two jobs right now to make up for it. If he's paying rent or buying a house or something and paying the bills on just $400 a week then this dude needs to give me some tips or I need to move to where he is at.
  15. id definatly split it 200 bucks on dank 200 on mids. if friends come around dry or shit you can just sell em the mids or smoke huge amount of mids. wihile conserving the dank to last you a long amount
  16. Quality>Quanity my friend.
  17. ok to the people analyzing this guy's finances, obviously he's got some other setup if he's looking to dump the whole paycheck into weed.

    As for your question dude, i dunno, i'd say get the good shit and just smoke less. Or spend like 50 on a ounce of mids and grab a couple ounces of good shit with the rest
  18. he could just be financially irresponsible, maybe we're saving him from self-destruction?
  19. yes split it, some dank and some mids. blunt weed and bowl weed.
  20. Don't forget to set aside some of the money for munchies.

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