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40 year old sealed bottle garden

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by jerry111165, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Very cool!!
  2. Hahahahahaha 6_midi.jpg
  3. That's very cool.
  4. pretty amazing huh
  5. That's really amazing that it has lived that long, recycling its own waste water over and over.
  6. Just something I found fun and thought gardeners would appreciate.

    Lil J, it would be really neat with the kids. Read te article though - I think he had it unsealed for awhile first - I just wonder if the little environment needed to establish itself first before sealing? Not sure.

    That's one neat bottle he has. I wonder just how long it could go for?

  7. Yea I seen that 13 years before the cork. My daughter is 6.. Perfect. Lol
  8. Pretty cool, but somewhat impractical. It does display the ingenuity of plants though, to adapt and survive.

    Might have some far reaching consequences regarding pollution control, but I don't see much of a use for everyday people.
  9. Don't think it was ment to be practical. Dude said it was simply an experiment with amazing results! I think it's amazing!

  10. It is amazing, I wholeheartedly agree on that aspect.

    But just because something is done for shits and giggles doesn't mean that it doesn't have practical applications. I just think it may be some time before they find one for this.
  11. Ohhh, I misunderstood. I apologize. I couldn't agree more.
  12. It's for our little cities and farms in the future when we live in giant glass bubbles on a dead and dying planet. We will exhale CO2, the plants will make us oxygen and the water will constantly condensate on the dome and roll down it into a catch basin around the perimeter where it will be used to water our crops with, to evaporate and eventually roll back down the sides into the catch basins again. Just think of this on a grand scale.

    We will be much better off than the cave tribes...

    puff puff pass...

  13. Very very cool!!!!! Thanks for posting this.
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    I was thinking we could somehow seal smokestacks with a species of plant that scrubs carbon, or breaks down complex compounds into basic forms. :smoking:

    I can't wait to go to school for organic chemistry; someday I'll understand the "why" and then afterwards know the "how", "when" and "where" when it comes to applying this knowledge to practical uses.

    L o L
  15. Fascinating, thanks much!

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